Note About STL-V2 from Lightmalls

I received this light for a friend this morning…

This IS NOT - repeat, is NOT - the original STL-V2 Sky Ray. It isn’t even much of a copy, either, although it is powerful and throwy, it isn’t as throwy as the original and doesn’t have a 3-mode option, nor does it have a “momentary-on” feature. The body and head are smaller and beam has a few faint rings, but no “floral” patterns in or around the hotspot. The guy who is getting it will have a nice thrower, but it isn’t what many of us have as the original unit.

So I guess now that Maxtoch no longer offers their version of this light, it may be even harder to get than we thought?

Good to know that - how does it compare to your new maxtoch 2S for long distance throw?

Well, neither a clone, nor the original will throw with a Maxtoch 2S or 2X (still waiting on that one) if we’re talking straight lux. The Maxtoch beam is noticeably narrower and shoots out further.

I agree.

Purchased same light from same place recently and it does not have the performance as the original nor does it have a selectable 3/5 mode,just a 5 mode.