Nothing here

Like I said

Oh, shit. Here I go again.

PM coming your way. :slight_smile:

Hey Stark, I replied.

:smiley: . :smiley: . I know the feeling. . :+1:

Was I hallucinating yesterday when I read the posting, I could have sworn it said
$49, now $59?

Sorry if mistaken, Neal’s Gadgets has them up for $45.95 with coupon.

Apologies for any inconvenience. :innocent:

PLMK if the higher price is due to a mod, or a refinement.

PS should have read it more carefully? Is this version a neutral white.

I also thought I have seen $49.

Seems a bit unusual to edit the original price after posting
(at least without some public explanation to justify it).

Just my unsolicited opinion.

@Starkm32, he added an additional optic.

Received PM from OP that he had edited the price (due to his cost).

While I do understand, I feel a bit funny so if someone else wants it, I am OK with that. :slight_smile:


Nah that was there already. I think he must have realized $49 would be basically losing money with shipping cause it’s true.

It’s all good, K /g and I have a (good) history. :slight_smile:

This is still available folks