Novatac 120 Tactical, reprogrammed to 120P

some version differences
the SPA I have, with matching body color anodyzed bezel has a weapon mount made in USA

It is slightly different than the model that had a black bezel, that came with the Made in Israel weapons mount, by TDi Arms, which is a California company that also has a site called Israel Defense.

Both have tailcaps with the same USA markings.

3 versions of SPA Novatacs

[QUOTE=southernstar]The Novatac SPL-120 AWLK was made for the US Army. At their request, Novatac removed the 0.3l (3 clicks) setting, and did not make it programmable. It can be hacked using the 250 click back door.

There are also 3 generations Novatac made for the US Army, each with a subtle change at the client’s request.

Gen1 has a steel black-oxide bezel. Programming is 120L@1 click, 10L@2 clicks, Disorienting strobe@ 2click/press-hold

Gen2 has an aluminum bezel anodized to match the body. The Army also requested the head be locked to the battery tube to cut down on “movable parts”. program remains the same.

Gen3 is the same as Gen2, but the bezel was elongated to accommodate a bezel up pocket clip, although no clip was requested or provided in the kit.[/QUOTE]

Apparently Novatac and their SPA Defense line, was a US company selling the US Govt lights made in China :

The same happens with the Maratac lights, a California company has them made in China, and sells them to the US Defense Dept.

There is also a Novatac version that looks like a SPA but is labeled 120M and came with a pocket clip:

One of my favorite lights of all time.

which model are you referring to?

here is a bit more Novatac 120M promotional info :

Product Info for Novatac Military Ops High Performance Flashlights

With Novatac 120M-DT Military High Performance Flashlights you’ll be armed and ready with whatever comes at you.

Novatac 120M Flashlight It is one of the lightest, brightest and most rugged flashlights on Earth. Specifically designed for the U.S. Military to meet the demanding conditions encountered during wartime, this powerful and rugged flashlight performs flawlessly even under the toughest and most unforgiving conditions.

Go from map-reading to illuminating potential threats with the press of a button. Momentary maximum mode allows you to produce a quick burst of blinding light, or disorienting strobe light, that can momentarily confuse an attacker.

Just 3.3 in. long and weighing only 3oz., it has a weatherproof body machined from aerospace grade aluminum. Virtually indestructible, the NovaTac 120MDT will perform at peak levels in all situations.

Store selling a used Storm on Amazon for $14.98 plus $3.99 shipping. If someone is interested, might be worth checking into.

unfortunately, that one is a porn video listing, not a Novatac light, discussed in post #3 also.

I bought it, read the reviews, contacted the seller, and got a refund.
he claims its Amazon’s database error of the ASIN number that is causing the mistaken link to the Storm

but instead of pulling the listing, he keeps selling porn
and Amazon completely ignored all attempts I made to communicate the problem
Amazon also refused to post my review with the sellers explanation I just gave you

the least expensive Novatac SPA atm is $40 on the bay

here is another listing for a SPA , mislisted as a 120M

My apologies, I wasn’t aware and must have missed that on post 3. Figured it was too good to be true.

all good,
helps keep everybody on their toes

your link is actually a little different than the one in post 3, and the price is lower
the same seller is still using the Novatac ASIN number…

the tipoff is the reviews from people complaining about receiving porn instead of a flashlight

the seller could pull his ad, but intentionally keeps using it instead…

Amazon is a cesspool of scammers now

btw, those links have been going since at least 2011

here is a blf thread about the Novatac Storm on Amazon in 2013, where members ordered lights and got porn also

All Novatac Storm on Amazon are actually porn videos. The reviews are the tipoff

Novatac 120P and 120T default programs, and a customized SPA 120

if you see any mistakes, please help me correct any inaccuracies

I had many. The 120E was my favorite for some time. I did the 250 click hack… My last one is a grey with black bezel 120E.
Think2X modded one of my 120’s and I carried it until I lost it. It was a sad day for me. Now I carry lights with deeper clips or no clips at all.

Thanks for sharing your photo and the name of your modder… I have plans to get a Nichia swap into my current favorite Novatac, a SPA Defense 120T model in grey with black bezel, and the old style flat knurling.

its the one on the left:

fwiw, the one on the left is 15% heavier than the SPA on the right, that has the anodized bezel.
It seems the newer metal was not as heavy… not necessarily a bad thing.
the newer one, on the right, also has much more aggressive knurling, which some people prefer… (I dont)

Im also interested in trying a flat button so I can tailstand, although the raised button is very convenient and easy to use.

really enjoying learning the HDS clicky UI through the Novatac line, since it is less expensive than an HDS clicky

My teenage son just informed me that he has a gold one somewhere that I gave him. Lost in the move.

Just found these photo on my phone. Some that I sold a while back. Wish I would of kept them now.

Thanks for the visuals
including a serialized second run, plus a Triple, Wow!:slight_smile:

a Goldie pic I found online

@jon_slider: I cannot see your pic in post #14.

I seen it sunday, but I am not seeing it today.

thanks to both of you for the heads up on the missing photo in post 14
it also disappeared on my screen today
I posted it again… hope it stays
trying to figure out what happened to my Flickr, it wants to post fuzzy pics from the camera roll, so Im trying to link from the photostream page instead

from camera roll: filename ends with _m.jpg. imo the M stands for mobile, and I dont like it, very low quality

note, Flickr updated the above image URL, here it is, now it works again:
note its filename ends with _c.jpg, where the C seems to stand for Camera Roll. The image quality, amount of detail, not fuzzy, is all good and normal again (Flickr fixed itself overnight and recoded the img urls)

next image, modified camera roll url (I deleted _m from filename):
note, this one is no longer needed… Im only leaving it here because it has been mentioned in other posts

photostream URL
note this is still the highest quality… its filename ends with _o.jpg Note the O stands for Original

I see 1 broken image, then 1 good detail photo, 1 Fuzzy Photo, and the last photo is the highest quality

It seems the bad links yesterday had to do with Flickr not having had time to process the images fully, so I was loading what was a temporary mobile url, before the server had renamed it for permanent storage. It seems Flickr stores an Original quality image, visible through the Photos page, and a lower resolution image, on the Camera Roll page. Depending which img url I post, changes the quality of the photo we see.

bottom line, The Flickr service is working for me again, and I learned how to post higher quality images from the photos page, instead of the camera roll page…

Are there any Novatac available as new lights?

Yes and no
There are New Old Stock Novatac SPA DEFENSE 120T versions available on Ebay, they are usually Silver, or Desert Tan, and tend to have bezels that match the color of the body. And the Knurling is very aggressive.

iow, they were made about 8-11 years ago, but some people still have unused ones for sale

keep in mind that 120T models arrive with a preset tactical program. You need to do a 250click process to unlock the programming features so you can set the light up to use levels you like, and to eliminate the strobe, if you dont want strobe… etc

There is also a Novatac 120P available on ebay, the P models are programmable, they dont need the 250 click unlock.

Prices vary widely, from $40 all the way up to $200, depending on the seller.

There are several different versions of Novatac, 120P, 120E, 120T, 120M, Wichita, Storm, and among the 120P series there are some with serial numbers, and some with no serial numbers, and they came in black, or Peuter colors.

Then there is the subject of whether they were made in USA or not, or whether they were calibrated or not, and whether the ones with tailcaps that say Made in USA were really made in USA or if its just a USA labeled tailcap…

Then there are differences in the reflector design, and which LED is installed, and whether the light came with a pocket clip or not…

Ive been posting a lot of info in several threads, about my Novatac experiences… I suggest you dive in and read all about them :slight_smile:

Oh, and there are details regarding when and whether they Flicker, which is also true for HDS versions that came before Novatac…

there are a lot of details, and also different bezels, the black ones are stainless, the anodized ones are aluminum…

enjoy the research

I only see the 3rd.