novatac storm cr123 or rcr123 fully programmable after 250 clicks 14.33 from amazon

I know this is an older light and uses an older emitter… but the retail on this is $99… one just sold TODAY on CPF for $60 shipped

I couldnt resist… i have $35 in amazon gift card points left, so mine was free… looks like the bezel comes off on several posts ive read, so it might be possible to swap to a nichia 219

either way it will run on rcr123 per the data sheet and looks interesting for an edc option or possible mod to me

dont know how many the seller has in stock! but they are well rated on amazon 4.9/5 stars and 42,000+ ratings.

i was going to buy two of them - but i decided on one as not to be greedy and share this deal

Placing order now, that's a great price! :D

no pp???

Be careful. Be very careful. I ordered one of these last year, and was send (from an Amazon marketplace trader in the US) an anime DVD. Quite pornographic. Seems the stock number of the Novatac is identical to Night Nurses, or something similar.

i dont know if you can pay with paypal on… i would think you could

theoretically if you were ambitious you could open a card with them, get a $30 credit and buy 2 and still have $1-2 left over

i bought a second one for my dad…

i passed this deal along to a few friends as well, who all cant believe the price

I always wanted an hds, but seemed like too much to pay and too long a wait to find one… now the price is right for a similar light woohoo!

edit: if i get porn instead of a flashlight… i will LOL, and then file a dispute. thanks for the heads up.

@Woody, Amazon has always done a good job with returns in my experience.

nope, have to use a PP debit card on amazon, thats if you have one…

Oh yes, I agree - I got my money back (about £12 including shipping, if I recall) and got to keep the DVD. It’s just that the price is so similar that I think it very likely that a DVD will turn up.

Edit?? if you look at the seller’s other stuff, I’m certain that you will get a copy of Night Nurses Vol ll - unfortunately I gave it away (sealed, I hasten to add) to a 21 year old female anime fan - so I can’t review it!

the seller deals primarily dvds…

LOL - this should be interesting……

You beat me to it lol.

“But honey, you have to believe me… it was supposed to be a flashlight!”

i am emailing the seller now to avoid a mix up.

Seems not available to me…?

either they sold out, or it was a mistake…

Must have sold out, when I ordered it said 20 in stock.

both of mine shipped… the seller my ignored my emails completely lol.

good thing is amazon has a good return policy… other wise i would be worried now… i guess well see what happens next week lol.

lol… hope you get what you ordered. wish they took freaking paypal too though

Well, I received a package from them and a claim has been filed with amazon...

You get the dvd? or beads

hmmm… good thing i dont like to not shop with PP online
edit: though im sure you will get your money back, its still disappointing