Now, I'm not sure that's the best name to call a LiPo battery pack...

I see HOT, and then I see H O T

Especially if someone chucks it onto their NiMH charger! as the description would suggest.

If you want a picture of an actual LiPo + hobbycharger fire:

Strange one. It says it is LiPo and LiFePO4. If it is the latter I'd happily charge it with an NiMH charger. Wouldn't be optimal and wouldn't be good for the cells but you'd get some charge into it.

There used to be a video floating around of someone shooting up a Saphion (LiFePO4) battery pack with no ill effect. Try that with LiPo or Li Ion and the results will be a bit different.


Given the comments from the person standing behind me who thought I meant injecting the contents of the cell (Something I suspect you only get to try once), I'll add that I mean making holes in the pack with bullets.

It can be a strange place where I work sometimes...

will our 18650 really go poof like that when we crush it? I want to see this

Is this really a Life battery going under the shears? Why isnt it shorting out. Well it kinda does at the end.