Now Let's See How The 2nd Crelant 7G5 Does Against The Olight M3X

It's showdown time. This will be the 2nd Crelant 7G5 that I have compared to the Olight M3X. No excuses this time. Either it beats the M3X in throw this time or it simply put doesn't. So let's not say you need to try another one. Pictures coming. It's put up or shut up time.

Now both were taken on the same manual setting and on the same 9x magnification.

Crelant 7G5 60yds

Olight M3X 60yds

And I got to say that out of those 2 shots it looks to me that the 7G5 won that one.

Now let's see how they do at about 200yds.

Both of these shots were taken on the nite mode setting at 9x magnification.

Crelant 7G5 200yds

Olight M3X 200yds

I'll give that one to the 7G5 as well. And I sort of went off the last electric pole and the white spot in the middle of it. Don't know what that is but it's lit up more on the 7G5 shot.


Both of these were taken on the nite mode setting on 9x magnification.

Crelant 7G5 350yds

Olight M3X 350yds

And I'll give the last shot to the 7G5 as well.

Well all I can say is 2100 was indeed right. And now I know the 7G5 wins at least in this sample of these 2 lights.

But to be fair, I need to try another M3X. LOL! Just kidding.

Nice job. Thanks for the second round !

And you guys now know at least I'm an honest guy. The king has been dethroned! LOL! The M3X has admitted defeat.

And you know I just seen a pattern on the last 2 sets of photos if you look at the nearest pole you can plainly see that the 7G5 is definately brighter the way the pole is lit up.

Oy vey.

well for me in those photos looks like M3x is brighter

I don't know, but for me equal both. M3X is a little warmer, but the throw capability is equal.

They seem identical in throw, but the beam pattern is quite different. The deeper reflector of the 7G5 actually has more spill than the M3X and that can make the 7G5 appear as brighter over all. But how I see these, apparently to me, the 7G5 it's the same with the M3X in throw. Or just a slight bit under the M3X, for example the roof of the white building is not that clear in the 7G5 photo as in the M3X photo.

Wow, those are too close too discern!

The Crelant has more spill, but dare I say the M3X is ever so slightly ahead in throw?!

Well here's what I have been seeing in person and the camera don't lie.

Both of these are 1600 shutter and F 2.8.

Crelant 7G5

Olight M3X

No doubt about it. The 7G5 wins.

You may very well be correct, but that last beam comparison seems to favor the M3X to my eyes.

Mouse over for all pic is the Crelant.