Now that my tn31 is outdated, what to buy?

The tn31 is an awesome thrower, more throw than I need in fact. So with the xml2 version coming out I’m selling it on cpfmp
(If any BLF member wants it, I’ll knock $30 off the price)
The tk75 is all the throw I need

So what should I buy next? The zebralightS6330 looks good but it seems like there’s a lot of disdain going around for the Zebra.
Nitecore EC25 is small and looks downright sexy in my eyes, has Nitecore finally gotten it right?

Or should I sit tight and see what xml2 or mtg2 lights pop out of the woodwork?

I have thought about this recent debacle too,I'm tempted to mod the dang thing with an xml2,reflowed on to the same board.I doubt driver has changed so it makes sense the gain comes from the new led.Just throwin that out there because I'm sure will not be buying another one anytime soon for a nominal gain.Good luck with your sale.

Thanks Darc, I’m not skilled with a soldering iron and I find its too large to lug around in my lunchbox :wink:

whats wrong with the S6330?

Nothing that I know of, no one has one yet
Edit: (wish it has XML2-U2 instead of XML u3)

some ppl on cpf have it already with real life pics and stuff

I’ll look, as far as I know they were still on there way to the vendors

Oh looks like it has hit the streets and I got reading to do

From what I read, it sounds like it’s equivalent in max brightness to a SRK - in a smaller form, which I do happen to like.

Hmmm. But $200.00 for that??

I think I’m going to keep my Tn31, it must have been the NyQuil posting last night

My EC25 arrived, and holy cow. What a fun light, I dig the battery indicator; the looks the feel, the throw for its size is awesome too. Makes my zebralight sc600 feel outdated :smiley: can’t wait till work tomorrow

I was going to say.

The TN31 was and still is ahead of its time.

The upcoming Niwalker NWK1000ut looks promising. Let’s see what it can do compared to the TN31.

Agreed. They might have a never version out and saabluster has his versions out, but still a 1yr old TN31 will absolutely kill any other single XML light on the market. Nothing is even remotely close.
So carpentry hero - if you still want to sell that light with a $30 discount - shoot me a pm and ill buy it from you. I have a TN31mb coming, but I’d still be VERY happy to own a stock one to keep it company :slight_smile:

Thanks all, it really does out throw my ability to see :wink: