Now THIS is big: Keygos? 7 x XML and 3 x 26650 IMR

thanks for the report

for modding to high power for short term use - tf j12 or keygos?

1.75A at the tail (with the lousy cells so you are actually going to get higher than usual current anyway due the higher resistance) is pretty low with 3 cells.

IIRC, the TR-J12 is slightly above 2 amps with 3 good cells like XTAR 2600s....actually not the lowest resistance around here but decent enough.


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It's no use, the classes of 5 XM-Ls, 6 XM-Ls, 7 XM-Ls and even 10 or 20 XM-L showerheads would be the same output.

The limiting + deciding factors would be the drivers, which is directly influenced by the batteries. Dwelling into the drivers, it would be limited by the components' power (heat dissipation), hence size as well with regards to driver diameter as well as host-driver cavity size.

oatmanutd / lumenhunter: How are the provided cells fitting in your lights? How long are the cells? What is the length of body tube in 3-cell configuration? Can you send a photo with all three cells in, without the tail cap?

(Lot's of questions, but please answer, so I know if I got a lemon)

Would not mind more info on cells like IR, protected ? mAh and so on.

Ok, found the reason for cells not fitting. |(

Someone had figured that it would be fun to have two springs on top of each other: I unsoldered one of them and now the cells are almost fitting (Read: If I fully tighten the tailcap, the light turns on! If I leave a 0.5...1.0mm gap, it works well.

And quickly I tried the ceiling bounce: The light is not as dim as I thought it to be. About in par with DRY Turbo of Skyray King (which is about 15% more than Skyray 3 x XM-L). And with that small current I would think that there are no thermal issues.. We'll see.

So does this mean u are starting to like it?

Well.. At least I'm stopping to dislike it. :)

Awaiting your awesome pics, _the_. They're the best.

I got near on 7 amps with 2 x redilast 2600 on high with a cheap DDM ? cells not 100% charged will recharge and retest.

What about this ot is a bit cheaper. and if you already have your own charger and batteries.

7 x T6

MarsFire B Cree T6 5000-Lumen 5-Mode 7-LED Flashlight - Black (3*26650/2*26650)

Or what about this one 7 x T6 cheaper again $77.91 shipped.

TrustFire TR-J18 Cree XM-L T6 7-LED 8000-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3*26650/3*18650)

Good if you already have your own batteries and charger or want better batteries and charger.


Just wondering if the Keygos 7 runtime is much different from the TR-J12, and which one is preferred by people that have both?

I am also wondering about the SKY RAY L2 7xT6 Cree XM-L T6 8500, just can't quite decide on if I should get a 8500 Lm light, or the TR-J12, which by the sounds of it is at least as bright.

Any advise?

I’ve sent off a couple of emails seeing if I can buy just the bulb. If it works as advertized, a couple of these would rock as DIY video dive lights in modified Maglite heads.

Has anyone seen an add or such for just the bulb?



I’ve got a question about this light: Does the Kaidomain driver fit in the lamp without any problems, or does it require some heavy modding?

It's not a direct replacement. See here.

I bought one of the lights. I got it without batteries as I plan to experiment with it as an underwater video light, i.e.; remove the tube and convert the head for use down to around 300 ft. Hooked it up to a DIY 17v canister light I built a couple of years ago. Dang, this thing is bright!

Only problem is the bulb diameter is considerably larger than a standard trustfire type light. Which means I’ll need to build a custom lighthead for it. But here’s the toughest problem so far: I can get the bulb out of the light. It’s either screwed in there really tightly or else it was soldier into place or something. Never had this sort of problem before. If anyone else has one of these by now, have you tried to remove the bulb and how did it work out for you?



Does any one want me to post pictures of the trj 18 knocking possums out of trees
We tested it at mates place lit up his back yard 40metrs cross the soccer field then lit up the big trees as clear as anything he said it would be great to bust the kids running around on field at night or blind them

Welcome to BLF Pharlap! You'll love being here!

Well of course. Feel free to share them!

Argh, thats sad.
I really thougt of buying this light, but it is too much work for me …