O-L's - Holidays Giveaway #6 of 8 - And the Winner Is...

The Winner is Post #93 Blazar

PM me with your full name and address please.

Why am I giving stuff away for the holidays now?

Well, I figure overseas shipping may take up to 21 days or longer this time of year and this way international winners might get their item before the holiday.

Giveaway #6 is this Defiant light modified with a XM-L T6 3C led. Please know that with the stuff I am giving away, it's the thought that counts, not the value, LOL.



This Giveaway is open to Anyone who is a member as of 11-30-2012.

Everyone, please make sure - you need to make sure that your State, Country, Territory, etc, will allow you to receive a gift. I do not know the rules in your area. It is up to you to know that, so please don't sign up if you can't receive the gift.

Post in this thread that you want to be in the giveaway.

The Giveaway ends on Wednesday Dec 5th at NOON CST. I will pick a random winner using Random.org. I will list the winner within a few hours of the end of the Giveaway.



In again, Thanks again.

Count me in please!


Count me yet again! Thanks!

Heck, yes—please!

And again I’d like to be in :slight_smile:


Count me in! As I've said 2 times now, thanks for the giveaway. :D

ABSO”LUTELY” would LOVE THIS !! ! ! Count me in please!

Count me in and thanks, Justin!

Count me in!

i’m in!

I am in, thank a lot buddy !

I am in! thanks!

I’s be in!

I’m in thanks for this o-l.

Please count me in. Thank You

Happy holidays

Count me in

Happy holidays and thank you for giveaway

hi ol I am in thanks!

me me me me :santa: