O-L's - Holidays Giveaway #7 of 8 - And the Winner Is...

Count me in!

Is Giveaway #7/#8 double posted ?

I am in—for ONE set

2 separate posts. Two different lanyards. Not a double post.

Count me in!

Count me in Please….Thanks Ole L.

i’m in!

I am in, thank a lot ! Cheers.

Count me in!! Thank you…

Happy holidays

I am in thanks alot, From the land down under. :slight_smile:

If i do happen to win more then one i’ll take a pick and let you redraw, i only want 1 item but entering all your give-away is that OK ?

count me in please

Terrific items .....

Please count me in

Thank You

I’m in, thanks.

Counts me in. Thanks OL

Count me in. I needed a sharpener.

I cant resist! With 8 chances I just might win one. Thanks again. :)

Thanks again!

The thing that’s hindering me is the 1 post per minute rule. XD

I’m in.

Count me in. Thanks again.

Count me in please. Thanks Justin