O/T Need advice for Inexpensive Windows 7 Desktop

I am one of many who is typing this on a Windows XP machine which has served me very well over the years with just some Ram upgrades and constant software updates.

But as everyone knows, XP is losing MS support next month.
I need to find a good reliable fast machine with Windows 7 and would like at least 4 gigs ram.
Any help with a decent trustworthy vendor would be appreciated.
Would like to stay under $250

I do not need monitor or even keyboard/mouse, but if they come along that’s fine too.
Software must be new license.

I checked Blair Technology but they seem to be sold out of some of the better models.

Also, while I’m asking, what is best way to transfer pics,files etc.


not sure about the best deal out there right now, but you might want to google ‘windows easy transfer’

it actually is easy to use, and can save everything you want to file or transfer to your new computer directly over a local network.

Buy a removable drive, so you will be able to transfer and have a backup (which you will appreciate greatly when a hard drive dies on you which is a matter of when not if)

As for a computer i can’t help you there since i am not from your area

Why is microsoft ending support for XP the reason for a new computer though?

because they won’t fix any more security vulnerabilities

so, you could just not use the web anymore, or if you’re really cautious, not put it on any network, and be fine…

I doubt the banks or other large corporate XP users will give up and upgrade, hell windows 3.1 and 95 are still used in a lot more places then you would imagine.

The op should look at Windows 8 then, upgrading to an obsolete operating system will just bring him back to this point sooner.

Perhaps he should look at linux or another operating system that will work on his current computer then no upgrading is needed at all.

dthrckt, as the number of users of XP drop surely there will be less written to make use of it’s vulnerabilities. A good virus checker - Your choice - use Firefox with NoScript and possibly Adblock plus should bring the threat down to a tolerable level.

I used the hell out of Windows 98SE and eventually bought a new PC with Vista installed, I’ve still got that and it’s still a great machine for my photo needs. A couple of years ago I bought a laptop, doubled the battery size and installed as much RAM as it would handle, it runs on Windows 7 and didn’t cost a lot.
Best way to transfer pics is an external drive, I have a couple of 500mb ones that again didn’t cost a lot. There’s programmes like Norton Ghost that should transfer your existing data across to a new machine but they cost.

I’m a system administrator with over 10 years experience in financial and higher ed environments….nobody’s using 3.1, 95, 98, 2k, and in every place I’ve worked XP computers will be banned from the network after support ends

linux is a good point. i’m on an old macbook right now. was useless with osx - runs great with ubuntu and is much easier to use than some may think

actually, was much easier to install than windows. everything just worked - no driver BS or anything…

There are likely quite a few zero day exploits that are being held for the day XP support ends. It will be open season.

I hope ISPs start banning people with XP computers that have been turned into bots. With no more patches, even if you reformat to kill the ghost in the machine bot, you’ll just be reinfected in short order next time your online.

Try linux mint.

WHAT?! hackers are salivating all over their coffee stained keyboards waiting for the end of support

that sounds like the ‘Macs don’t get viruses’ logic.

expect previously unrevealed vulnerabilities to appear IMMEDIATELY (why put it out in the wild now…MS might patch it)

I’m salivating in anticipation over just watching the mayhem. jk

an unpatched XP computer is a joke to hack

just google it…complete instructions

My system is XP, but I'm using Chrome Browser as prompted by Avast Virus Control..... I was under the impression this is safe.

Is it? $$$

In that case upgrade immediately!!!
Why have you waited until there’s no hope left?

safe is relative

you know, like that term ‘safe sex’

should really be ‘safer’

no computer connected to a network is safe

xp is like ‘super thin’ variety of safer

if i could get a referral fee i would direct you to many places i’ve seen still using obsolete windows

The only thing i’ve seen banned is upgrade budgets, my last workplace also uses xp on Pentium 4 computers with 512MB ram

Could someone explain what is required to "patch" an xp computer?

I haven't a clue and really can't afford to spend any bucks right now on new system.

Can my XP machine be made safe?

in your xp control panel is ‘automatic updates’

that’s how you get ‘patches’

that’s how they fix ‘holes’ in their operating system code that once discovered allow hackers to take control of your computer - interactively, or with a virus

in other words, after MSFT stops supporting it, they stop patching it, and it can’t be made ‘safer’ anymore

look into linux,

if you can burn a CD, and know how to ask google questions, its really not hard to make the switch

Win XP patches come from microsoft. When support ends there will be no way to patch all the new vulnerabilities that people have been waiting to use.

Thanks dthrckt for that....looking into linux.

Nothing is stopping them from using them now, what will happen is future discoveries will remain unpatched, and i assume if its already been discovered its being exploited