off-topic: reporting back after being AWOL

’ello everybody,

I’m back! Although I’ve been away for quite a while, I haven’t forgotten about BLF and you, the fine folks around here. Work and private life has kept me busy, in the meantime., traveling England, France, Germany and Austria.

At work, I’m still using my half-finished SF L2 (old-style 2-part main tube with additional grooves cut in for additional O-rings, stainless head with the silly hex shape shaven off, cigar-grip sporting a shaven McClicky and an orange switch cover, generic Cree XM-L2 dropin - how boring! -yet, it’s working for me). Managed to kill the Fenix LD10, though… :frowning:

I still have to finish my custom 3xAA (based on an ancient SF T4 bought from five years ago) and the 8xAA/4x XR-E/carclo quadruple optics Fulton MX991/U - ever since the advent of the SkyRay King, I somehow lost all interest in finishing these projects of mine :confused: … even worse, I still haven’t had the time to figure out how to put Don’s QTC pills to good use. Mo naire’s mo leaghdadh!

Lately, I’ve grown quite fond of paracord. So relaxing it is to weave wristlets and lanyards and zipper thingies! Also, I still am pirating (what a verb!) 18650’s from discarded laptop packs.

I’m trying to log in as often as possible, now… in the meantime, please tell me - are users Don, Foy, Match, Old Lumens, Boaz and RedforestUK still around?


Aloha, Sixfink!

I haven’t run across Don or Foy since joining here 9 months ago.

Match, Old Lumens, Boaz, and RedForestUK are still active; though Old Lumens reported something about being out for a while some time soon (due to some medical procedure “[link]”:Beam Shots are up - Modifying a 109 LED flashlight to an 18 XP-G2 FETlight - #39 by Old-Lumens).

Welcome back… Those are some aged lights, but I think I would finish them anyway!

I remember you .
I also like to tie paracord stuff .
Welcome back .

Welcome back!

Welcome back, sixfink!

Welcome back to BLF!
Those sound like interesting mods there!

Welcome back sixfink. I gather you have a full wallet again and decided to empty it again. :smiling_face: