Oh dear..........

I'd hate to be the guy who dropped the ball here.

October 1st is the new April Fools? lol

Hope customer info/privacy wasn't compromised...

That is why it is never safe to checkout with credit card via the site. But nowadays my local banks with VISA require 2FA (via SMS). Always use Paypal. Not entirely safe also, but it's safer than what i am comfortable with. (and if it does get breached, probably you won't be hit with a 5k high-profile transaction, too many accounts there)

Right. Only 2 places on the net that has my CC info. Paypal and Amazon.

I love Amazon.

I didn’t use Amazon THAT much until I got a prime account. Talk about one-stop shopping!

they need to change the site name too while they are at it


What is Octomber?

At least they left email. Just last week I ordered some of those fine IMR 14500´s.

Let´s hope they still can supply them and other stuff (stuff we can remember they had in stock...) via that eMail.


What? You don't know it's the 13th month in China? =P

Yea, where Oct-Bomber celebrates the festival of flashlights. Off course as always sponsored by xxxxxFire.