OH NO! This site has addiction written all over it!

Hello to all and thanks for having this forum!

My name is Don, I am 58, and for the last 6 years I have lived in Northern Alabama to care for elderly parents and a disabled 61 year old brother. I have a small business eliminating a variety of odors, mainly working with auto dealerships. It can be very rewarding at times (working for myself) and at other times no different than punching a time clock for the “man”.

I will try to do my best not to become an addict but I can’t promise anything :smiley: Past experience in a 2 channel HI-FI forum has taught me I have a weak constitution where toys are involved :party: I guess your never too old to live and learn.

My interests that magnetically guided me here after weeks of web searching is the UV flashlight. Between sore eyes and varying headaches from viewing way too many web pages, to almost giving up after seeing posts ranging from $7.00 UV flashlights to $300+!

I almost went crazy but decided to excuse myself and do the right thing :beer:

Hence, this site!, and thank you again for any help I may receive from its members!

Happy holidays to all

Welcome Don5946! Former N Alabama resident myself… Some friends sent a video of the rain in Huntsville today, hope you stayed dry! And just going to apologize to your wallet ahead of time, so sorry for the workout you are about to get…

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, Don5946!

There’s so many different flashlights, and emitters, and tints, and drivers with different user interface, and batteries, and… so yeah, one might get a bit addicted :bigsmile:

Welcome to the forum Don.

Hey there Don, a warm welcome to you! Enjoy your time here.


Well, a big thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! AND I was afraid of just that, and you know what I mean, I am already getting that warm fuzzy feeling that says ” it’s alright, it’s alright to reach for the wallet” :zipper_mouth_face:

I am glad to be aboard and look forward to my unavoidable education! Yee-hah

Roll Tide

dead man walking…

three years after your divorce your ex- wife will realize that the warm white zebralights are really more neutral and that high cri nichias make the reds really pop .

Dead man walking………….lol

Sadly enough I can live with that. It’s changing into the zombie stage that has me and my wallet sweating at night :beer: cheers to ya

Glad you made it here ,I understand you addiction, I used to compete IN MECCA and placed well in class 4 modified and set a short lived national drive by record
I too am drawn by the lure of power, please enjoy your stay and I hope it helps you to escape from the tasks that you are dealing with.

I appreciate your insight and wisdom concerning my “tasks”. Your thoughts are a healthy reminder that others also believe in taking care of family, the way it used to be in the old days. Nowadays with all the throw-away products we live with, too many family members fall into the same category and are left to care for themselves.

One of the reasons I am so baffled while researching UV flashlights is that some throw-away priced units seem to get good reviews! I guess this shouldn’t really surprise me considering opinions are easy to come by but not always qualified. I’m sure they all mean well which is a good thing.

I have a lot to learn before deciding on confident comfortable purchases, and I am comfortable saying I will be buying before I am confident :wink: The bug has already started to bite me.

You gotta love life!

This is supposed to be a good UV light. I ordered it from gearbest and am currently waiting for it to arrive, so I don’t have first hand experience, but I’ve read at under $20 is a great value.

Welcome aboard

Actually the one I ordered is the non rechargeable one. http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_277704.html

Welcome. In a few years form now you might want to join Flashlight Anonimous. But they are hard to find, because they live in the dark.

Welcome Sir! You opened the wrong door. Try as you might to avoid getting the disease you won't feel bad when you do. LOL

Welcome to BLF

Muchas Gracias Amigos! Well, things seem to be going the way I foresaw them after signing off last night. I went out working for awhile today and I was lucky my auto pilot was working properly because my mind was on this forum for some reason…………… you would’ve thought I had a bad case of the “puppy love” [if I was 50 years younger] :heart_eyes: I’m happy to say this forum has opened up another adventure for me and just in the nick of time. I thought I didn’t need any more challenges in life. lol, I can’t be the first to stumble into this BLF and be as blind as I am, or AM I? J)

About the only thing I can think to say, other than thanks again for all the friendly “welcomes” I continue to receive, is a quote my youngest son emailed to me during a group discussion between he and I and my older brother. The emails are part of our group lotto purchasing via myself every 5 weeks. Anyway, we can get a little carried away since it is just guy bs, so this is the quote I am referring to:

It is by Mickey Goldmill, dated 1976, from that classic movie Rocky, lol …. here is an 11 second clip for anyone needing a pick-me-up, or more commonly called a-kick-in-the-behind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0CXUv-xxtY

Electricjelly’s suggestion referencing thread 41603 is my jumping-off point and I will be purchasing the BD04 UV 365nm Nichia. That is once I find out where to buy it. I welcome any suggestions especially since it has EU charging gear.

Thanks again to all

Onward and upward and out of the dark! As they say on both sides of the border,Andele! YEe-Hah!