Oh Yes! Finally, XPG-R5 LED´s with star at DealExtreme!

XP-G R5 1B (in DX forums says that 1B is blueish, but it is not. Is more greenish than blue or white, arrggg)

16mm star http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.44306

14mm star http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.44305

Both 6,80 USD not bad

And one question:

What is the best driver sold at DX for this LED, taking into account drive current minimun 1A (ideal 1,4A) and board size around 15-16mm? ...... And multimode, of course. And capable of use Alkalines/ni-mh/li-ion (hybrid driver)


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Unfortunately it comes as 20 of them for $34. They used to sell them in 10's but they say sold out on the 10-pack of them.

Unfortunately is it 3.6-4.5V input

And no modes

Finding a 1V-4.2V hybrid driver that works with an XP-G is hard. With XR-Es you could get away with a boost driver that falls back to direct drive, if Vin is higher than Vout. But since the XP-G has a lower Vf, you’d probably fry the LED, so you need a real buck and boost driver. Ian’s driver database (link) lists a few. The NANJG-18, -28 and -112 seem to fit the profile, but I can tell from personal experience that at least the NANJG-18 doesn’t work well with Li-Ion and a single XP-G.
If you decide that you can live without a hybrid driver, I’d recommend the NANJG-18 for 0.9V - 3V. It’s got an adjustable output voltage and with two NiMH you might crank it up to deliver 1,5A to the LED.
For single Li-Ion, my choice would be the NANJG-101 (DX/KD) with an added 7135 chip (those can be harvested from cheap driver boards like this one). I’ve build a few light with this combination and I’m very pleased with it.

Best AMC board at DX is sku.6190

Can function as a "standard Chinese" (aka. L-M-H-Fast strobe-SOS), L-M-H-Slow strobe, L-M-H or just L-H depending on which of its stars you ground.

Its PWM frequency is high (4.7kHz according to their forum) and the brightness levels are: High=1A, Medium=350mA and Low=70mA

If you need 1.4A output you could probably just add an additional AMC7135 chip to it, should bump the output to H=1.4A, M=490mA and L=100mA

“Best board” is a matter of personal preference. Functionally, the 101-AK and AK-47 are equal.
I prefer the 101-AK because the mode group selection isn’t hardwired. I usually keep it in the low-med-high group, but the strobe and beacon modes are still available when needed. Of course this can badly backfire when you’re handing the light to someone who doesn’t know the interface and will inevitably find himself in disco hell :bigsmile:
An added benefit is the spare place for a 7135 chip. It’s easily upgraded to 1.4A without having to pile the new chip on top of another one.

They are both good boards, and as you say what is to be considered "best" is purely subjective. I prefer the "AK-47" because it can be set in a single L-M-H group and it stays in that group no matter what. P.S I have a strong aversion towards blinky strobe modes :P

I just go and have a look, The are both good Emitter. The price is appealing. I think such Emitter at such low price can't find elsewhere except dealextreme.

DX might have the lowest price, but by the time it actually arrives it will probably be cheaper somewhere else.

today I will open 3 paypal cases for DX items because the 45 day window where that is allowed will expire tomorrow and I haven't received what I paid for...

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Yeah, i know. Excellent topic can withstand the testing of time.

Under such circumstance, you should contact the customer service team as soon as possible. You can send e-mail to them and i hope they can answer your question as soon as possible. You can also live chat with their customer sevice team. There are some special situation affect the delivery time of your goods such as major festival. If you encounter some major festival time and when the staff are on vacation, your items will be delayed.


now i think you're a shill

I misstated the problems earlier.

two of the items should have been out of the country long before the new year and the other was simply the wrong product

DX sucks. they list stuff they don't even have and expect us to wait weeks before they can even ship it. The aggravation involved is hardly worth any savings and if you can find the same product anywhere else, buy it from there!

btw, expect me to follow your posts, and if you're just shilling, I'll post the same advice.

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The two items are cheaper .

Another 2 year old thread?

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