Hey everyone. Greetings from NZ where the men are strong and the sheep are scared.

My first flashlight was a 2AA Maglite kit, sometime in the 1990s. Camo paintjob, an anti roll insert that went over the head and a few colored lenses. Young, impressionable me loved the tacticool nature of the kit.

The next was an Inova X5. Back in the days, I remember it winning a few design awards, and impressing fellow geeks with it. Did not like the CR123 batteries.

Couple of years went by, and then I got a Nitecore MT21A. The twisty head was defective and much whacking didn’t get it to go on max. It’d only do medium and below. Chucked it into the dash of a car, hoping not to use it ever. Avoided Nitecore ever since.

Last year I got the Lumintop AAA tool Ti. Love the tint - I believe I got the 219b version before they ran out. Temperamental though, not the most reliable light. Also, would have preferred L-M-H instead of M-L-H.

This year, I got the Zebralight SC53c. This has become my daily driver for everything around the house. Modes are Low / Moonlight on one click, Medium / High on double click. The only downside is that the tint isn’t as nice as the tool, when compared side-by-side.

Most recent purchase - Emisar D1S in 5D. Oddly enough, the first 18650 light and this led me to break my Nitecore ban and get the D2 charger. Using Samsung 30Qs with this. A light for the lulz and I really don’t have a real use case for it. I like the UI, but as I run it on turbo all time time, not using it to its potential.

Next light - high CRI, preferably nichia, great UI (Anduril perhaps), single AA or single 18650. I suspect I might have to build this one.

Hey there, welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself. Glad to have you here, hope to see you around often.

Thanks for joining the gang, Paradoxical Antagonist!

Hi and welcome Parodoxial. It sounds like you have a real problem. If so you will fit in real good.

Welcome! Sounds like you are heading to a very nice light.