Old-Lumens BLF Contest Archive 2013 - 2022

Some history of how this yearly contest started:

"Old-Lumens" was a predominant member of the Budget Light Forum. He loved to make things, particularly flashlights and related items, with his own hands. The work he did took extraordinary effort, and inspired others. He went even further to encourage others to build things, and be creative, by starting the annual Old-Lumens Challenge.

Sadly, Justin (Old-Lumens) passed away in 2016. We here at BLF wish him to rest in peace, and continue to celebrate his life by hosting the yearly Old-Lumens Competition.

Previous contests and results links:

The First Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2013

Winner - RBD


The Second Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2014

Winner - DenBarrettSAR


The Third Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2015

Final Contest Results 2015 - Winner - DBSAR

The Peoples Choice Award 2015 - Winner - FmC


The Fourth Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2016

Final Contest Results 2016 - Winner - CRX

The Peoples Choice Award 2016 - Winner - CRX


The Fifth Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2017

Final Contest Results 2017 - Winner - CRX

The Peoples Choice Award 2017 - Winner - CRX


The Sixth Old-Lumens BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - 2018

Final Contest Results 2018 - Winner - CRX, FmC

The Peoples Choice Award 2018 - Winner - CRX


The Seventh Old-Lumens BLF Self Built Flashlight Challenge - 2019

Final Contest Results 2019 - Winner - gchart

The Peoples Choice Award 2019 - Winner - gchart

Showcase Composite Image 2013 - 2019.


The Eighth Old-Lumens BLF Self Built Flashlight Challenge - 2020

Final Contest Results 2020

The Peoples Choice Award 2020 - Winner - G0OSE

Showcase thread of slideshow GIFs. (data heavy, ~414 MB)


The Ninth Old-Lumens BLF Self Built Flashlight Challenge - 2021

Final Contest Results 2021

The Peoples Choice Award 2021 - Winner - MtnDon


The Tenth Old-Lumens BLF Self Built Flashlight Challenge - 2022

Final Contest Results 2022

The Peoples Choice Award 2022 - Winner - A TIE between MtnDon and YuvalS

To the sponsors of the 2022 Contest:

On behalf of the BLF community, THANK YOU for your generosity!

If you are a store owner or manufacturer and would like to support this great BLF community and its annual contest by donating a prize, please contact us.

Man looking at all past creations. Wow such talent for sure. Cant wait to see what this year brings to the table.

Lovely thread. Thanks for gathering all of this stuff together in one place!

Yes, it was pinkpanda3310 idea :THUMBS-UP:

Yeh, that’s me…. the idea’s man…… out there……… space cadet :zipper_mouth_face:

Kidding aside, CRX put in all the hard work and created this thread. Thanks mate :beer: :beer:

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So…who will be “officially” in for this ? :wink:

Thanks CRX for putting all this stuff together!

Wish luck to all the competitors this year :wink:

Thanks for this great thread with a very nice OP loaded with pics and links. You collected a comprehensive line-up of sponsors for the 2019 version :open_mouth: :+1:

I hope that when I find the time and dedication for my own entry someday, that the competition is still alive. This year I stick once more to watching in awe the newest creations of the contenders!

Who made that pistol one? - that’s insane lol!
Oh btw CRX that lightsaber I linked you to - it’s a tenner cheaper elsewhere now (ones on it way as I type) YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!


Thanks for the idea and putting in the hard yards. :beer: Probably should have another one. :beer:

Many great memories and works of art!

True, unfortunately most of your build images from the 2014 contest seem to be gone.

That was probably due to the photobucket policy change. I do still have all the photos though, if i can get the time some day i can re-upload to them to my imgur account and edit that topic of the two contest builds.

That would be great :+1:

I wonder if it would make sense to create some BLF-controlled archive for the case of another image host going rogue…
I literally mean a zip with pics that anyone can download. Or maybe a build thread dump.

good idea :+1: it would be nice to have a reliable place for archive photos.