Old Lumens Challenge 2019 - Hand Made Entry - ceruleanXLII

Just need to preface this with:

  • I’m very new here, this is my first post, please point out any embarrassing social blunders, indiscretions & formatting errors.
  • Trigger warning to grammar / spelling nazis: I’m dyslexic.

I’m wish to enter under the Hand Made category / build log

The plan is a lamp powered by a simple DIY boost converter driving 3x LED panels from a single AA cell. Totaly impractical, but fun.

Step1: learn how to embed pictures into posts

This is the LED panel I plan to use (not my picture) and a test for embedding an image… here goes

If the picture failed http://imgur.com/gallery/eliCtWC

Step 2: Tidy desk, tidy mind. Make some room to work

(Ok, on further consideration I’m getting ahead of myself. Step 1.5: Have a beer.)

Step 3: lay out and test the COB panels.

Step 4: Wind the inductor for the boost circuit.

Now given that I have no idea what the magnetic permeability of the ferrite is and inductor design is black magic anyway (Read: I’m terrible at maths / physics) I’m just going to wing it and fine tune later.

Welcome ceruleanXLII ! Don’t worry about social blunders the only real blunder is being offensive but we like to think we are pretty friendly here.

…and good luck with your build :beer:

Thanks Pinkpanda3310!

Step 1: learn how to post images!


Please enjoy your time here, ceruleanXLII!

Round 6 10 whatever image post:

12V 70W 7000LM LED Panel

Edit: success! Imgur really doesn’t want to make with the direct links!

Welcome! I’m excited to see your project come to life.

On the images, I just find the picture in my imgur album, then right click it and select “copy image link”. Then, I paste that into the post editor “insert image” box and I always use the “relative width ” option (usually around 30-50) to keep the size manageable.

RE: f0xx

You are on a computer, right?

My mobile phone refused to play nice. I had to use an alternate browser (duck duck go)

Welcome to the forum ceruleanXLII. It’s great to see new members joining to enter the contest.

I share that sentiment. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF ceruleanXLII ! :slight_smile:

All of this.
Really looking forward to what you bring to the table. :+1:

Thank you for all for the well wishes, I hope I don’t let y’all down.

Nice to see you entering! :+1: Eager to see what you cone up with :slight_smile:

I like the way you think, setting out steps, telling us & working through them.

"Step 2: Tidy desk, tidy mind" Brought a smile :-) :THUMBS-UP:

Good to know that you get that I’m doing this for good fun.

(I don’t have the tools or skills to be super competitive)

…and that is the whole point of this comp. Just enjoy doing something with your own hands. And if you complete it to your own satisfaction the feeling of accomplishment is grande :sushi: :beer:

Welcome to BLF :slight_smile:

I like your sense of humor, I think you should check my reviews - we have a lot in common :wink:
Especially DM70… it was probably too much though

Welcome to BLF ceruleanXLII , and to the contest of contests! A promising start with those huge COBs ! :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF! It’s good to see new guys joining the comp! Looks like you have an interesting project idea. :smiley: