Old Lumens Flashlight Challenge 2019 - Final Results

the informed me a few weeks ago that Wuben was having shipping from CN to US problems. I don’t want to be a nag on something that I am getting for free.

I got a code from Clemence at Virence and have pretty much decided what I want. I’ll be ordering within the next day or so.

As an aside comment, we have our first rain since March 13. About time.

It’s been blazing hot here last few days. I hate it! :smiley:
Autumn is the nice weather for me.

Been freezing here yesterday it was 10°c at 6am

Get one of these 8 inch calipers cheap, just needs deburring for 30 bucks.



I have a pair of them but they need batteries and I prefer these. These ones are a bit rough from sitting on my coffee table.

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone :smiley:

My TO50R (People’s Choice light) is now rocking a custom aux board. Info here and here

Nice work gchart!!! With drivers anything more than basic is a bit beyond me at the moment

Mine came
Took its time!

At least Rona doesn’t stay on copper to long lol


got mine today

That is one wicked looking tail!

I emailed Chris at flashlightLens.com on the 5th, heard back on the 6th, and had 2 lenses at my door on the 8th :slight_smile: And then I got the shipping confirmation on the 12th, lol.
I’d like to thank FlashlightLens.com for supporting the contest. Cheers :beer:


My Wuben T70 kit arrived today!! (T70, ext tube, 2 *26650 cells, cable, case). The extension tube for it was oit of stock back when the prizes were picked. The ext tube came back into stock about the same time the coronavirus decimated shipping from China. However, that is now all in the past. Well the viris is not, but the delays in getting my prize are old news. Batteries are on charge right now. :slight_smile:

Next to arrive (sometime) will be the leds and mcpcb’s from Virence. They have been shipped but they are not here yet. Sometime this summer I guess.

Cool :+1:

I received my last goody package today; the booty from the second/final round of prizes. This was from Clemence at virence.com.; some E21A nichia as well as some Optosolis emitters installed on some of his quad mcpcb’s, and a bare single 319A. All 4000 K.

Due to the mail system issues brought on by the coronavirus, my little package was piggybacked along with another person’s goods to Florida and my bit forwarded to me in NM. I would like to thank Clemence and Shimon in FL. I greatly appreciate the winning and the extra effort involved to get the emitters and mcpcb’d to me.

Now to finalize what I am going to do with these very high and ultra high CRI emitters.

Stay safe. Stay happy. Stay creative.

I stuck them to the cardboard to put them in a parts drawer. Clemence packed each one very nicely in its own wrapper of foam.

Great you got them MtnDon :wink: Seems like you already have some ingredients for next year’s build :innocent:

FINALLY got my prize today :)

Can't wait to test it in a cave

Wow, I thought mine took a whole. Congrats. Hope you like it.

I also received a package in the mail yesterday from member here kiriba-ru. A four sided precision straight edge in a fancy wooden box.
Total time in the mail was 148 days.
Again a big thanks to kiraba-ru and all the other sponsors.

Cool. So has everyone now received their selected prize(s)?