Old-Lumens : The legend lives on

Truly a work of art!! Wow and WOW!

Wow, what a light !!!
What a fitting tribute :+1:

OK, that did it now I am teared up, so true, so very true, Thank You for reminding me that all is not lost.

Now we all know that life is not fair
There are things for which one can't prepare
And sometimes we feel
That our wounds never heal
And it seems sometimes kindness is rare

Things we do to show some one we care
That are done with a personal flair
Can set a soul free
And help us to see
Of true beauty we become aware

Steve, I’m blown away by your work. Old Lumens would be proud.


Most of you would of seen the build thread but for those that haven’t this is it here.

It looks beautiful. nice to see you recieving this !

Amazing, stunning, touching, and ultimately, fitting.
Indeed the most beautiful flashlight I have ever seen.

Beautifully crafted, a work of art. A great tribute

beautiful tribute . Just wow

A fitting destination for an amazing creation by a gifted machinist and worthy of the inspiration. In other words, you’ve nailed it, hats off.

Been gone a while and this is the first thread I opened. Most definitely a winner from my machinist point of view!!!

Dammmm i envy him!
I want one too :innocent: ! Love the finning on the head (i am a professing finning fetishist :heart_eyes: ). The switch arrangement is beautifull (is this one clicky and two momentary switches?) And the batterie tube is a piece of art. I better start make savings in case that this light might be for sale sometime (hope always dies last!).
Way to beautifull to stand on the shelf.

just…. WOW!!! What a beautiful work of art.

Wow… ( Just found this topic) this is absolutely beautiful… :+1:

What a beauty. True work of art!

That’s a breath taking light, Awesome job. :sunglasses: You really put a lot of heart and hard work in this light MRsDNF.
Thank you for sharing and the tribute to Old-Lumens, he would be very proud.
Your attention to detail and machining sets this light off from anything in it’s class, Great job!
Take good care of her Sb.

You know it! It’s a one-of-a-kind keeper for sure.

I had forgotten about this light, must say (Again) Holy shit that is a freaking work of art!!!

That is ………A W E S O M E

- Clemence