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New For Sale Thread Coming

Eventually parts will be listed, mostly Maglite mod parts - including some aspherics and Nanomiser protective bezel rings. These lights will be in a group pic, so if you need more pics of something let me know.

Various lights for sale, My health is bad and getting worse so it’s time get some things done. My wife likes flashlights, but isn’t a Flashoholic so I want to sell the “enthusiast grade” lights and leave her with a smaller collection of easier to use lights. So, PM offers or trades. I’m not really looking for anything except a PeopleBird Flute light. But you never know.

Fine Print: First “I’ll Take It”, lights are not posted anywhere else. No boxes, batteries or accessories unless specified. Prices are net, and do not include shipping. I only have Paypal for payment. but also can take a USPS money order. I can combine items for the lowest shipping cost. I can usually ship the next day or two. Lights are in like new to excellent condition, the pics will show any defects. Some of these are older and you may not be familiar, please check out the links for more info

Lumintop FWAA Ti/Cu SST20 400OK As New In Box (ANIB) $75

Thor 1 ANIB $95

Nightwatch NI40 Stalker 2019 26650 XHP50 some very minor flaws $75 NOW $65\Now $55

Nightwatch NSX4 Extreme 26800, like new, I will include a battery for this one. $75 NOW $65 \Now $55

—————————————————-Sold Lights Below-------------------------------------------
Lumintop EDC 05 ANIB $25

Fenix P1 Tan like new $75 now $65

Fenix P1D with Leef clicky body. Like new

I’ll take the Fellhoelter and Tactician please.

I’ll take the WT90 and synergy. I’m also interested in the fireflies e12. What are the emitters? PM me with package deal please

I’ll take backup on the wt90

If the E12 still is available I’ll take it!

The lambda is cool

I have the first vpt 2.0

I’ll take thirds if this somehow becomes available again! Willing to trade a TN42 V2 for it as well.

2nd’s on the e12.

in for the Solarforce stuff, sent you a PM

3rd for the fireflies :cry:

Hi there,

I wanted to send you a PM but for some reason it won’t let me send it so I will just write it here instead :


I am interested at the Surefire C2 Centurion BK with Z32-BK head. Can I get more photos of it? Also if you can tell me the overall condition of it and the defects that you see. Another thing is that I live in Canada, we are just basically neighbors so I am wondering if you are able to ship here via USPS. I think there is one that cost $29 USD for a week or 2. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you,


When you get settled, I would like to discuss a trade for the Niwalker! Please take your time and get back to me whenevers clever:)

Bump, Pics added and price drops on NightWatch lights

I’ll take the fw3a but would like more pix. What is rough finish Glue?

I haven’t heard of it being called “rough finish glue,” but a Google search turned this up. Appears to be a durable clear sealant for surfaces that are handled often.


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I tried a different kind of adhesive, it turned out to be rubbery instead of hard like Norland. When I scraped some off it left a rough texture. It makes the trits a little diffuse but they are easy to see and very secure. They can be removed with some Exacto knife work. The trits in the optic are not glued, the lens holds them in. The optic is the floodiest i could get, I forget the numbers. They are about 2 years old. I have the original parts and a deep carry clip. Never carried, it sat on the shelf so it looks new. I doubt the custom parts are available now. I also have a couple rings that fit on the tail cap so it can tail stand, I may as well include them as well. I’ll post some pics later, rough morning so far :frowning:

On hold for Gunga

Pm sent.

Pm for the Fenix Tan P1 - I’ll take it

Backup on the FW3 if for some reason Gunga doesn’t take it. Thx!

Does the thor have any add ons, extras or accoutrements?