Old timey UIs

So, I like Anduril, as a UI.

I wonder why it isn’t everywhere.

I think one reason is cost. It needs the ATTiny microprocessor.

Right? (experts - can it use something else also? )

Question, how much extra is that?

Or, what’s the least extra cost, to use Anduril, instead of something like
“the standard long press on/off, short press level-change UI”?
Or, “the ‘other standard’ short press on/off, long press level-change UI?”


This question has been asked before. There’s a lot more to it than you think. Maybe someone can find those old threads from probably a year or two ago.


no, that isn’t something that is easy to search for.

i mean i tried.

It’s possible the question was, why don’t more manufacturers use anduril

might be this one-mostly toykeeper explaining reasons including but not limited to cost.

Because its heavy and have too many useless functions for old kids to play? :smiley:
The best UI is Olights like. IMHO.

i am old and i like it, and i hate “long press for on/off”
[not just because that is the opposite of anduril]


Many brands in 2021 use 1 press for on/off :slight_smile:

I hate Anduril. Completely.

Simple four modes with a separate switch or ring for mode control is best, IMHO.

Anduril is good, but the average user doesn’t have any use for any of the strobe or blinky modes. And I don’t think most people expect to have to do configuration on a flashlight when they get it. I don’t have Anduril 2 installed on anything yet, but I hear it hides the complexity a bit better so that “normal” users won’t be put off.

i have to admit, that is what i use it for 99% of the time

though i have it set for 7 levels
and i did have to set it for that

i guess i am just used to having to configure every f*ing thing in the world
what’s one more gonna hurt?

then when i want the blinkies or variable strobe mode, or morse code mode, i can have that too