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I don’t think so.
The occasional Negative Nelly will always show up, but I don’t see a pattern personally.

As long as BLF runs on copper wires, braid, and springs, and no current is left behind … we are good.

I disagree, without LEDs we are domed :smiley:

Don’t think this forum is nowhere near the negative attitude of CPF A, I am sorry you had a negative response, I personally when life gets me down come hear and feel better after I leave.

Can’t agree on this one, this place is still as fun to hang out as when i first joined.

Since I've been here, there has always been lots of bickering, especially towards vendors. Lots of off topic replies too.

I haven't seen much difference except for the noise about the use of the spam button and group buys.

Supposedly inappropriate use was supposed to have been discouraged more, which I'm ok with if admin actually finds time to enforce it, but it only seems to result in more reminders after lots of abuse and attention. New vendors get hit especially hard even if they post in the correct forum, which I find very disappointing because I liked how this forum allows more communication between buyers, sellers and manufacturers.

The thing that's bugging me about group buys is that the person leading it gets a free light, and it seems like it's the same people doing all the group buys, and I think that kind of frequency and benefits should make them equivalent to commercial sellers. A rule restricting the frequency of a member doing group buys seems like a good option, let's say two per year, but it wouldn't matter if that's not enforced either.

Yikes, maybe you had a couple bad experiences. I had my share, but I certainly need a thicker skin at times (and more committment of time), but overall I think it's as good as it's always been - I do enjoy the off-topic fun Smile. There's been a bunch of bad spotty issues in the past too. There's a bunch of fairly new active members making this forum as useful, enjoyable and diverse as ever.

I’m not going to say they deserve it, but we are not born yesterday, some new vendor comes along, thinks we will fall for 2000 lumen single XM-Ls, 5000mAh ultrafires and behold he gets told we know your full of crap so don’t try pedaling that here. If there is a form response we can come up with thats perfectly balanced, that makes the point, cant offend anybody and is perfectly polite and convinces the vendor we will only accept honesty then please let us know what it is so we can copy and paste it each time.

Life is not that tidy, but its a far cry from you mentioned a cheap light, your banned, i don’t like the cut of your jib your banned, you mentioned a competitor, your banned, you didn’t follow the millions of written and unwritten rules, your banned, i’ve had a bad day, your banned and so forth.

This whole post is exaggerated but i hope my point makes sense.

There is a change yes. But it is still the best little forum I ever been on.

Sure it can go over the top with OT posts. Had that happen myself. Done it myself. Sometimes knowingly. Others not so much.

But we still greet new members. We still help. Some more than others.

I hope we can keep up the BLF spirit. But pettiness and "I want what you got" will always be there. It is up to all of us to point out when there is too much of it.

Like I´d like to point out that I like that people who do the group buys gets something for it. Some of these group buys are in the pipes for a number of months before they materialize and take a greater effort than is ever shown to the end participant.

I also condone and use affiliate links. I do not have either time, money or the urge to always look at new product releases from 10 different vendors. If I then read a review and I want the item I will always use the affiliate link to say "Thank you" in a way that is tangible. Some do not like that and somehow connect affiliate links with a lesser moral or whatever. I do not. It is simply put a little bit of grease to make more reviews available to us. Those who think that a person with 10+ flashlights will always review light No. 11 in a positive manner because he got it for free? I simply don't think so. In fact we have seen again and again that is not the case. Even the squirrel of times past posted negative reviews if he thought the light was crap and he is one of the only members I remember being banned. Though it was for other activities :-D

But yes there is a negative side to all the group buys and bottom price hunting. And we will have to try hard to maintain that friendly tone we have been having since the beginning.

^ +1 on what Ledsmoke said on all counts.

Sorry to hear about your recent negative experiences DBSAR. We have a lot of new folks (a good thing). We are probably just going through a period of acclimation and will come through it all a bigger and better BLF.

No debate, the weak will always seek attention through negativity.
You good people know who you are.

Keep up the good work. And thankyou for doing so.


I think DB had some bad luck that two of his threads got smashed, instead of being two different people or two different threads

spam from an hour after you posted this

As long as we remember what the “B” in “BLF” means we’re good. I think bickering towards vendor who only see this forum as an opportunity to make easy money is acceptable, but we should never disrespect those new members who ask repeated or obvious questions.

Lol I consider the derailing of your thread to be what makes BLF BLF… that would never fly at cpf.

I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with criticizing vendors…

So basically I think BLF is doing great :slight_smile:

I also noticed this but it’s been said that it’s usually what growing forums experience.

Sorry that this was your 2k - 1th post.

I like to use 2000 grit just to get my heatsinks nice and shiny.

Is BLF becoming CPF ?

GET A ROPE! …or at least wash his mouth out soap