Olight H15S for $24.95 at Amazon


I do not know how good a light it is, but the discount off MSRP is substantial. It comes with a lithium battery pack, but can also run off four AAA’s.

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Nice find! I wish I could justify another headlamp without risking divorce…

I got a $25 Amazon card as a gift, and since my current headlamp is being held together with twists of wire around the fractured plastic (one of those cheap 3AAA models), it was both justifiable and guilt-free from a financial viewpoint.

Very nice, thanks for the heads-up.

If you get that light for free, man…youre hooked up nicely. I would be all in for that price.

But, If you are willing to spend a “few” extra bucks, I have the following for your consideration today: :wink:


Oh, and it does include free shipping.

The price is hilarious. Thanks!

I ordered one the day I made the original post, and it arrived today. So I’m good, but I see the price has gone up five bucks since I posted the deal. Still a pretty good price.

eBay sellers do that kind of thing all the time. Because ebays system is really dumb. You can’t just temporarily say an items out of stock, you have to remove the listing. Then when you remove it, you loose all the sales attached to the listing, and potentially have to pay new listing fees again. Extreme price hiking is another way of saying this item is out of stock.

This Amazon seller has a few other heavily discounted items as well. Sunwayman T60cs for $80 shipped and M30r for $60 shipped. I couldn’t resist the T60cs :slight_smile:

That T60s is a sweet deal at $80, but I’ve already got a good thrower and the wife would be very unhappy if I succumbed to flashaholicism… :frowning: I’m already a borderline hoarder, combining the two would be a disaster. A well-lit disaster, but a disaster nonetheless.

I purchased both....Now I have no beer money.