Olight i2 XP-G2?

Can someone please confirm if this is for real




yes, on the pictures it is definitely xp-g, not 2

They could have posted a wrong picture though.

I bought mine from banggood (with the coupon), and it has xp-g2.
Quite small, could have had a brighter high, or a turbo mode i think.

i think it’s still i2, not sure if they’ve updated anything else than the led so far

I ordered the xp-g2 from Banggood as it’s clearly stated as g2 all over their specs, order form, etc.
Just wondering what the difference between I2 and I2s will be. I’m thinking of ordering two more and may wait for the updated versions if its a big improvement.

It says here the Olight i2 has been discontinued. Olight does not list the i2 on its website anymore.