Olight i5t new

Looks interesting. Hope there will be some discounts when it launches.


Id rather see a S1A upgrade… :disappointed:

I was interested when I realized Olight released a light without a magnet, but not interested when I found the light output levels jump from 15 to 300 lumens. I have no need for a single AA light with an output level that high and a runtime that low at the high level. I know it steps down, but then why not just set the high level lower to get a more usable runtime? I guess a higher output sells more lights.

It’ll be like $7, when bundled with the Warrior X Pro on Jan 31st flash sale.

Olight are not doing that in the UK unfortunately

I have and like the i3T and would have been perfectly happy with them keeping those levels but in AA body for longer run times!

Has anyone successfully modded an i3T? I’m only interested in the i5t if the emitter can be replaced. Would be sweet with a E21A or Optisolis.

Yeah, it kind of makes me sad to see them release this i5T because it probably means they won’t do what I was hoping for…

I want an I3E that’s AA format. Olight and ITP were going that direction years ago with A2 and i2 but didn’t quite make it. That’s literally 10 cents worth of addt’l aluminum to make it, with no other addt’l expense over an I3E, so it shouldn’t cost much more than $10.

Do not want tail switch, multi-mode, goofy large double mount clip like I5T has, nor big ridges or knurling.

Do want smallest AA reasonably possible without sacrificing reliability in “reasonable” conditions, square cut HAIII threads, PMMA lens, uncoated stainless reverse mounted clip. I3E doesn’t have this clip, so add $1 to the price. Now we’re at $11.10 and that’s not unreasonable if they can sell I3E for $10.

I3E is very popular so they should get back to their roots and dominate the 1x AA space with a high quality:price ratio leader. I just can’t bring myself to pay $25+ today for a 1x AA light that’s bigger for features I don’t want, nor would I consider shorter lifespan generics to get the price lower.

A little off-topic but I mention cursory details about an emitter mod to the i3T here and here :slight_smile:

That seems quite difficult to replace. Where did you buy the replacement optic?

Now this is a man who is talking some sense.