Olight Javelot Series - Dedome vs High-Intensity

Hello, it my understanding that all the original javelot were “factory dedomed” and are not high-intensity XP-L from CREE. Is that correct?

Some of the Javelot I see online are advertised as “High Intensity,” but Olight has not started manfuacturing Javelot with the CREE HI LEDs yet, right?

The “factory dedomes” all had a green tint that the High-Intensity LEDs supposedly don’t have. Are there any other differences of note (such as output)?

The SR52 UT is the only Olight so far that comes with a XP-L Hi.
I measure ~1200 Lm initial for SR52UT and ~1400Lm for the M3XS UT,so they get really good output with the fully de-domed LED on the M3XS.

According to Vinh on CPf, XPL HI has less output than dedomed XPL or XML2. He prefers dedomed emitters for this reason.
The difference in output is probably from difference between bins.
I still prefer XPL HI easily for its superior tint.

Excuse me? That seems to be a bit odd.
Current issue XM L2 die shortly after 5A and current lot XP G2 don’t do much better.

According to Djozz testing, the current XP-L HI (V3) can easily be driven to 6 - 6,5A and the bonding wires can take even more…… ???


I probably said it wrong. The output of current XPL HI is less than the dedomed XPL in his modded lights (with same driver, battery and heatsink). It is definitely not as scientific as the Match’s curves we all know about.

Dedomed XP-L definitely have higher output than the current XP-L HIs, but what price do you put on tint? I prefer the HI.

Totally. It is not even a tough choice for me. :smiley:

Yup, agreed. Much better and consistent colour.

My Fenix TK61 had a dedomed XM L2 (close to 600Kcd) but now has the XP-L HI V3, already at around 570Kcd - focus is not perfect yet.
Excellent and consistent coulour, even in the lowest ouput levels.

BTW: it seems that the HI V3 only has s few percent lower output then current XM L2’s but then again, they are higher evolved in their output binning, the XP-L Hi are just beginnen, so I guess some further improvements can still be expected.

BTW: with the old XP-L Hi (U5) my TK61 reached only 450Kcd……so the new V3 has 27% more output :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: At least in this configuration.


Dedomed XML has a higher output and higher mcds than XPL HI based M2x, even more- the last M2x that i recieved from GB was like 5500k, and it aint for hunting at all
Dedomed XML has nearly perfect hunting light- like 4500k with a small greenish tint, only visible at lower flashlight levels


The last 2 XPL HI flashlights that i got came without glued heads- dunno if its just a miss

Has anyone here tried shaving the domes on an XM-L2 or XP-L vs dedoming? Seems like it would get you the dedomed results while still leaving a protective silicone layer on top with no tint shift.

Many people have tried that including myself. Yes there will still be tint-shift, and the amount of tint-shift depends on how much silicon material did you remove.

Btw it takes a little skill and some works to get the shaved silicon material perfectly flat and smooth with this shaving method.