Olight M3X Throw

Well I figured I would go take this beamshot at 350yds or so to the white horse barn behind me at my neighbors. Now I just got done taking it. It was about 5:30AM central time here in MO. I have been getting some pms here and at CPF about more on the M3X and how I like it and how it compares to other throwers way out there. Well all I can do is show you. The Catapult V3 won't touch that barn at this distance near that well just so you know. Next competitor for the M3X will be the Crelant 7G5. It may beat the M3X, but I bet it will be very close. Now I am leaning up against a tree in my backyard on this shot, and I am zoomed in probably at about halfway on my optical zoom of 18X. ISO is 200 and focal is 2.8. That barn is a lot farther than it looks just so you know. It takes a good while to walk back there.

The M3X is a thrower now!

And to better put the distance of that barn into perspective, here's a picture to show you. I was standing at the tree at the right next to the road at the back of my yard with the white and red sign on it.

Seems nice and dark there. You need HIDs. :)

Yea it's pitch black out here. The neighbor where the tractor is did have 2 porch lights on. So it may have hurt me a little bit.

Here was the same shot at the same distance with the Catapult V3. I believe I was on the same settings. But not sure. I am not zoomed in as much on this shot. But you can plainly see the M3X easily beats the Catapult V3 for throw.

And here's why the M3X rocks.

no hint of green in your m3x's tint?

Well I will say the tint is not a cool white like the Catapult V3 is. I actually love the lighter tint. It's a white tint but just not as fluorescent as the Catapult V3.


It looks like the beams are aiming different, the M3X is nice and level on the picture coming out the middle of the picture. The Cat looks like it's coming out of the top of the picture aiming at the ground......maybe I'm just seeing it wrong????

Pics are ok. Catapult has much wider corona than M3X (well, Olight has almost no corona around hotspot) which touches the ground much earlier.

Your right but the outcome is still the same. The M3X easily beats the Catapult V3. Again ISO 200 and focal 2.8.

I'll show you 2 more just so you know at 85yds.

ThruNite Catapult V3

Olight M3X

Forget about looking at the shed if you wish. Anyone can plainly see by looking at the beam on the pole before on each which one is brighter. And you can tell that the M3X is a better thrower to if you look at the grass that is lit up in each picture.

Again no matter how you do the math the M3X easily wins against the Catapult V3.

But I will try and take a better picture with the Catapult V3 at the barn tonite if it will make you guys feel better for angle. My neighbor kid might have been holding the light while I shot this one. Don't remember. But I do know at even 200yds that Catapult won't beat the M3X.

Look at the trees below the pool. The pool is right at 110yds. Those far trees at the bottom of the hill is easily 200yds. Now I am zoomed in more on the Catapult shot. So really it ought to better show you in detail the woods. But it don't. Forget about the woods. Concentrate on the reflection of light off the pool wall. You need glasses if you can't see the winner.

ThruNite Catapult V3

Olight M3X

Ok I just got done taking these 2 pretty focused shots. Same distance and setting as above.

ThruNite Catapult V3

Olight M3X

Now before you think these are close, the barn is lit up more on the M3X. Also to better see the difference look at the wooden fence before the barn and how much better you see it with the M3X. Also you can plainly see the vehicle parked in front of the barn better on the M3X shot.

as long as tints got no green then this light is mean.

those last pics really confirms m3x over cat v3. the 7G5 would be good value for money since it costs less

than the m3x for almost same performance. though you dont get a holster and other stuff i think. the M3x sold here has similar

tint (and no dreaded xml green) but costs $30 more.

the heirarchy for the king of reflectored led throwers now needs updating.