Olight Pen

It’s the holiday season… and manufacturers are busy handing out gifts and/or promotions… went to my local flashlight dealer and receive a free gift with purchase… Olight Pen.

Have a look…

it comes in a transparent case

Is it a Pen? Is it a Stylus? Is it a Light?

the Pen is secured with a plastic holder

this plastic disc is to prevent accidental switch activation. remove before use. was advised to keep the disc and reinsert to prevent accidental switch activation during carry… errr… that’s not gonna happen… coz I throw the disc into dustbin upon removal… :stuck_out_tongue:

removing the cap reveal a ball-point pen, black ink. the tip of the cap has a soft rubber/silicone function as a stylus.

testing the smoothness… pretty decent…

testing the light… no greenish tint (yay!) pure white… not very bright tho… but hey, we don’t need a hundred lumens to see what we are writing either… btw, it’s single mode…

compare the brightness and tint to Lumintop IYP365 (low mode), Olight Pen is definitely brighter.

It’s power by 3 x L736 (AG3 or LR41), don’t see any driver, likely direct driven. My issue with this Pen is the switch is easily press on and once we capped the pen, there is no way to tell if the light is on or off, so… I did the following…

and problem solved!

if I’m worry about leaving a hole might dry-up the ink faster, I’ll add a dab of clear silicon to cover the hole, but since I’m not, I’m leaving it uncover… :smiley:

Nice looking pen. Neat idea with the light by the point and not on the other end as I have seen in the past. Nice review, too.

For a moment i thought you were talking about the olight o pen but it is actually a real pen. It is a curiosity, i like it.

Received this from my local distributor, an updated version of the Olight LED Pen, much improved and fixed the problem of last year version...

@Enderman… I’m drooling looking at your picture… :LOVE:

I wish I had one…
It’s small but looks super unique :smiley:
Maybe if it goes on sale somewhere I’ll pick one up next year.

i;ve seen something similar for promo giveaways
led is pretty weak
pen is very heavy, you may like that - i don;t
stylus is not really used any more - we are past the ‘palm pilot’ era –1995 :slight_smile:
detachable cap is a pain - very lose-able