Olight S1 Battery Question.

Hi everybody! I’m not sure if this enquiry fits into the torch or battery subforum so if it’s in the wrong category please forgive me.

I bought the Olight S1. I have the Olight protected RCR123 battery.

When the freshly charged battery is inserted and used on high the output steps down as it is supposed to.

However, I may then need to put it back on full turbo. The protection circuit kicks in after approximately one minute and the torch turns off. It won’t restart until the battery is removed and replaced.

Then it maintains high beam for approximately one minute and turns off again. The battery then needs to be removed and replaced again. It then repeats the one minute/turn off cycle.

My idea is that an unprotected but safe battery capable of high output might be a better option?

I did use the search option and read a lot of reviews but did not see this phenomenon described so thought I’d ask.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

The olight protected cells do not handle the current required for the s1 and behave exactly as you described especially if they have any age to them.

I had the same problem even with a slightly more capable aw rcr123 protected cell tripping its protected circuit anything under 3.9 volts.

The problem was solved by using an Unprotected aw 16340 imr cell which are capable of delivering higher current at lower voltages.

Caution must be used not to let them go under 3.0 –3.2v [ for max cell life] as the light does not have low voltage protection.

Have a look at hkj cell comparator and at 2 amps of current draw the olight rcr123 has massive voltage sag and less than 400mah capacity which is very average compared to others available.

Many good high drains exist such as AW Efest AWT and i think olight has a new high drain capable of 5c discharge which will all solve the problem.

As a side note i have heard people say that their protected cell works fine in their s1 - yes when new they might be ok but six months down the track and several charges under the belt and internal resistance builds they will trip the cell protection circuit also not to mention their are cr123 lights that deliver 900 lumens. No protected cell will drive these.

Hmmm you know, I have a feeling the S1 is a bit ahead of its time as in it’s ahead of battery technology. Or maybe it performs too well but only in short bursts? If it needs special batteries is it worth having when conditions are actually difficult? I may sell mine. I have the S1A, the S2 and the S2A and they all function flawlessly but this one may be a bridge too far as they say.

Thanks for your information Old Mate most helpful in making my decision.

yes I just bought an s1 but before it got here I bought some KEEPPOWER 16340 protected cells

for it and when it got here I thought the torch was doa anyway I had some crappy GTL 2300mah

yeah I know don’t laugh to loud hay going by my charge rate they are around 350mah anyway at

least they got the torch working .

is there a decent cell that I can get that is protected for this light that will fit .

I have an S1 and the only batteries I use in it are Olight RCR123A batteries and it works fine. It doesn’t turn off after one minute and it has never tripped the protection circuit. The batteries are over a year old.

good to hear djburkes as I have one of these in the mail ATM and ordered it before I read this .

Ah well this is interesting as we have a difference of opinion and experience. Djbourkes and I have the same equipment but different results.

The only apparent difference is my Olight battery is new.

Deye, I have the Keeppower too but I think they are too long for this torch. In service with other torches they have been fine so no need to laugh and I laugh a lot!

Old mate observed the same phenomenon as I did and thought that no protected cell would work.

However, DJ reports from personal experience it does.

I think there is enough variability in the performance of the S1 to have some reservations. I will sell mine.

I like it so much I won’t sell mine but I can’t believe someone would just measure a cell and then make a torch

without engineering a tolerance of a couple of mill in this day and age .

ok theses cells are keeppower and are 34.7mm long so I should now do what all good BLF members should do

and NOT sell the cells but buy a torch that they will fit in to so will they fit in the blf x6 I think it is the one that

holds a 18650 cell so that’s about 71.5 in length .

a prime example in good design in this regard is my little jetbeam 1mk as the 14500 cells ar quite a bit longer

than my aa nimh .

cheers D