Olight S1 Ti (polished) and Warrior Desert Tan nice deal

Details pls. Thanks.

Interested, thanks.

info please

Info pls

I’m curious.



Order placed




Details please



Order placed. Thank you tatasal.

Order shipped!

The 20pcs of Olight i3T are all ordered, nothing left.


Got one since they first came out.

VERY nice little light, Nicely Weighed…
I hate lightweight thin as, torch body’s,
Threads. finish, Profile. All Exceptionally well done and finished.

Powered by a Philips Luxeon Mx.

It’s also the only torch I Kept the clip on. It’s a cracker.
Looks like copper. Feels like copper, springy, and 2 way use.

Highly recommended for a cheaper mid costing, great performing AAA.

Oh. You have to stand it on it’s face if you that way inclined. The rubber button sticks out past the metal end of torch.
And if you leave it out in weather for a few months.
That horrible bright.Shiny. new. Copper pipe finish departs and it’s a nice mottled differing shades of weathered copper.

Yep … excellent little light. I applied a hard boiled egg, forced quick patina to mine and it looks great.