Olight S15 Bezel Question

I’ve searched the forum for info about removing the bezel of the S15/S15R. I find two different results. I have found references to using a rubber pad, pressing the bezel firmly against the rubber and unscrewing the bezel. I have also found where a knife edge is used along with a wood block “hammer” to loosen the bezel that is pressed in. I am assuming both might be correct and it depends upon the age of the S15. Earlier versions with the blue raised switch button maybe have screw in bezels? Later versions with the newer flatter button use press fit bezels?

Anyone confirm this? Thanks.

The s15 is screwed in. The s1a is a press fit.

Ah! OK. Thank you.

Sub-question…… Does the Olight S10RII have a screw in or a press fit bezel?

Simple rule for Olight :

- Reflector —> bezel is screwed

  • TIR optic —> bezel is press fitted