Olight S15 equivalent ?


I have had an S15 (not the R version) for about a 1.5 year now and last time I visited my mother, I lent her my S15 for some time.
She’s been very enthusiastic about it and would like the same flashlight.
She like the size/weight, the fact that the batteries for it (AA) are easy to find and she is happy with the amount of light that the S15 produces. The magnet in the flat tail cap is also a bonus she has used and that she appreciated.
Now that the S15 is going away, I have started to scour the forum in search of a similar flashlight. There’s a lot of choice and it’s hard to tell which ones are really bad vs the decent/good one (I’m not looking in the 50$+ high-end range, that’s a little bit too much in term of price, but something around 20-35$ would be nice).
It’s hard to find something with a light weight as the S15 (1.6oz) and a magnet in the tail cap.
Of course I am eager to see what Olight will propose as a replacement for the current S15 but I have no idea when that will be…

Any suggestion is welcome !


If She wants a S15 you can still get them for 30

Thanks Chadvone.

I don’t think I have enough posts to receive PMs yet but if you could give me an hint of the vendor you’re thinking to (unless of course it’s fine to fully name it in the thread).
Ideally I’d like a reliable vendor ( established in or shipping from the US) so that I can get the light within a month.
I am also interested, for myself, by a somewhat similar light but I don’t mind getting into rechargeable cells (18650), I’d still would like the magnet in the tail cap which doesn’t seem to be a very common feature.
Now, since it’s for myself, I don’t have the same time constraint and I’d be ok with oversea vendors.

I would jump on this, if she can understand about using a rechargeable then great, if not then you keep the charger and the 14500 battery and let her use AA batteries.

See above. They also have the S15

If your in the US us.banggood.com

Your mother would also love getting one of these to make the light a lantern.

Anyone have an idea why those links in post 4 are not working?

Is Banggood out of the S15 and S15R?

I believe it is a known problem for simple post editor after site upgrade. Advanced post editor is fine.

Thanks for the links,Chad and Brad, that was fast !

Brad: I think it’s not working because it’s too long and it splits to a different line.
This shorter one works: http://us.banggood.com/wh_buy/Usa/Olight-s15.html

For longer ones you can use the link icon (the 5th one from the left above text composition window, a purple globe with a chain link, next to the StrikeThrough icon)

Eg: S15 link here!

As for the S15R itself : I did a quick search and it looks like at some point there was (is?) issues with the charger overheating.
Though I would not leave the flashlight on a charger plugged to the wall 24x7, is it still OK to leave the flashlight on the charger way beyond the charging time ?
Ex: when empty, recharge it before going to bed and only unplugged it the next day ?


The charger problem was with the initial batch iirc, and to answer your question, i always charge my S15R in the way you describe. It goes on the charger when I go to bed and comes off in the morning. It charges on a shelf in my bedroom and it’s never given any reason for concern (I tested by charging all day Sunday on a few occasions when I first got it and kept an eye on it).

I have seen a video IWA 2016, with the new Olight S1A, 1xAA with the same optic than the S1, I think will be available nextly.