Olight S30R - EDC for those who want built-in charging

Yesterday, I bought three Olight S30R lights for gifting, but kept one for myself :slight_smile:

Listed at $80, it is a bit pricey for my taste, but Calvin at illumn showed some BLF love to make the price reasonable.

I bought this light because its built-in charging, size, and 1000 claimed lumens make it a nice, high output EDC for non-flashlight-enthusiasts.

Its UI is also quite intuitive.

  • Single click to turn on or off. When on, press and hold button for two seconds to cycle Low-Mid-High.
  • Double click to go turbo.
  • Triple click to go blinky.
  • When off, press and hold button down for two seconds to lock out.

I haven’t really used the light other than to check for DOA. I’ll have to use it for a few weeks or months to see how much I like it in the long run.

It seems to have been put together well. The quality of build, charger design, aesthetics, UI, packaging, and documentation give me the sense that it is not some hack job. It appears that somebody cared about building a good product and executed it well. I like products that feel this way, especially if their pricing is reasonable. But I’m no flashlight expert. I have no idea how good its internals are.

I don’t have beam shots or anything fancy, but here are a few pictures I took.


Height Comparison

Thickness Comparison

Happy Holidays!