Olight Seeker 2 Pro 21700 3x SST40

look at this new switch with 8 status indicator LEDs


Wow this looks really good. But can’t find any info anywheee.

Looks sick…but sst40…

That is one cool looking light. They wrote on facebook they are gonna host some sort of event and some big flashlight youtubers will come so they will probably unveil that light and a few others as a suprise i think.

We are having a special product announcement event at the #nra show this year in Indianapolis, IN. On Friday April 26th at 4 PM EDT. and You are invited! Goodie bags, flashlight giveaways, drinks/snacks, and you can meet the biggest youtubers in the industry including Sootch00, Mrgunsngear, skinnymedic, 8541 Tactical, Guns & Gadgets, and more!

Location - Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. 350 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Room - “Santa Fe” Room Directly across from the NRA show
Time/Date - April 26th, 4:00 PM EDT.


It is finally out!!! :blush:

Proprietary battery too, as I understand it.

There’s not much for the likes of us here.

i doubt that, i think any high drain 21700 will work just fine.

I’ll elaborate: it can run on a standard 21700 (though it may need to be button-top if it’s like many other Olight products), but the magnetic charging feature only works with a proprietary battery. This has been the case with all recent magnetic charging Olights other than the M2R.

By proprietary they probably just mean their Olight branded protected cells which all say “high discharge” which I don’t think is any different from any other protected cells.

Sweet looking light!!

No, I have confirmation from another source that this battery has an extra ring contact used for charging like the S1R, S2R, etc….