Olight SR Mini Intimidator - GROUP BUY

Hi all,

so, I was talking to Neal from Banggood couple of days back about this high-end SKR alternative from Olight and he offered, I would say, interestin price for this brand name 2800 lumens high quality flashlight if we can generate some interest.

More informations about potential group buy at the end of this post.

Here are some informations about SR Mini:

"The SR Mini Intimidator is a variable output LED flashlight that boasts an impressive 2800 lumens from three Cree XM-L2 LEDS. A highly diffused acrylic lens emits a smooth floodlight for soft area lighting. This type of illumination is ideal for close-up applications that require more than a small focused beam of light. Powered by 3x 18650s or 6x CR123a, the SR Mini offers three brightness levels, strobe and a momentary turbo mode for instant access to the brightest setting. The flat end allows the flashlight to tail stand for applications like emergency household lighting or camping. The bright wall of light is also practical for search and rescue."

pictures are links to even bigger pictures :P

Original package includes: lanyard, holster, two spare O-rings

Olight also promised that the limited batch that will be ordered will come with crenellated stainless steel bezel but it is not 100% that this will happen and will not be easy to confirm unless every single package is opened to check that...

Of Course, most interesting thing is the price, I think the price is very good if not excellent, considering this is brand spanking new Olights hot rod light , but to stay under the radar this information should and must only be shared via private messages (and if you share it with other members it should only be via PM (on any forum)), so, if you are interested drop me a PM and I will send you the info.

Once again, please, no public price mentioning or the party is over before it even started

NOT affiliate link to product -> http://www.banggood.com/Olight-SR-Mini-Intimidator-3xCREE-XML2-2800lm-LED-Flashlight-p-925948.html


P.S. If you like and you are IN, post something like : "I'll take 1" and when GB starts (more info about this timing soon) I will send you discount code that you will use when purchasing.

Emitters are in CW tint.

UPDATE 5/23/2014: If no unexpected events, group buy Start is scheduled for monday 5/26/2014...

Another UPDATE today: everyone that received info from me, you know that I mentioned 2 prices, well you can consider the lower one as an active GB price as of now :D Also, you can contact directly Neal for info about the price.

UPDATE 5/25/2014: lights are ordered from manufacturer and should be shipped to buyers ASAP.

5/26/2014: Group buy is now open, everyone that were interested received a PM with the discount code by now, if you did not and you want to participate send a PM to me or Neal (BG). Thanks

P.S. Lights are in stock and are shipped very quickly.

Need to know the price and maybe a more definite answer on the bezel.

Please PM me (if able to provide the info.)

Just don’t want to waste anyone’s time.

Will do :wink:

i really need to know if its mod friendly. 4500 lumens and this light would be fantastic haha
id be in for a group buy for sure

Yes please!

Pricey… :frowning:

I like the design / set-up though.

And not built to the standards you would expect from olight, QC fell asleep.

What do you mean by that? Are there some known flaws in it?

german Forum - english text

once again - very nice pictures and comparison

see this thread:


Interesting comparison here and initially appears the MM15 and Mini are a close match. I don't think that's the case though and more like the MM15 just can't get enough distance to stretch its legs out.

Image taken member gopajti of http://www.taschenlampen-forum.de/olight/34018-olight-sr-mini-bilder.html

Please kindly provide the price in pp, thanks.

Please kindly provide the price in pp, thanks. $)

I too am curious about the GB price. Thank you for your effort.

I'm interested

Im in for 1

Interested of getting one, please kindly provide further information via PM, thank you for your effort !

I’ll take 1 if good price


I’m also interested.


I might be interested if they work out the QC bugs and the price is right. If they were to offer a neutral 5000k tint option, that would make it really appealing to me.