Olight T20-R5

well i got my t20 from outfitters today....

actually less than 5 mins ago... 35 dollars shipped to my door (wicked deal)

mode selection is weird, you unscrew and screw back on the head.

otherwise the forward clicky is just turns on the mode u selected.... strange lol

on two fairly drained CR123s, it was draining approx 1 amp (total voltage was 5.5V)

im actually out of these batteries, so ill be buying more tomorrow.

to be honest tho, im not super impressed.

while machining is good, theres no metal to it....

easily lost cause you dont feel it in your pocket like my other 123 lights.

at 1 amp im probably getting 250 lumens OTF.

OP reflector, good centered XP-G R5

oh look it came with some 123s... more testing lol

What's it like compared to your other lights?

compared to the R5-a3. ALOT dimmer say about 100-200 lumen diff (im probably getting over 450 lumens out of the R5-a3 on a 14500 tho, with a PROPER reflector so little loss)

wider hot spot, but not too wide, so its not a thrower, but gives light good downrange

its nice that it will take rcr123s, i didnt know this til i read the package!

it claims an OTF 310 lumens ON THE BOX. not 250 like the websites say.

IT IS BRIGHTER THAN OTHER q5 flashlights however. decently brighter.

draws a little over 1.0 amp on fresh cr123s. will check on RCR123s next. but its now my carry on of choice due to the fact that the memory mode is actually easy to use. and it makes the IPX rating