Olight Warrior Mini

So, this is a new release from Olight!

As far as I could tell from the video, it is thermally regulated, not pre-established stepdowns.

18650 battery, 1500 lumens, side switch + tail switch (with 2 different settings), CW emitter (of course)

I am a M2R Warrior fan and this seems a nice evolution, specially being compact as the S2RII Baton.

How do you feel about it?

Store: https://www.olightstore.com/warrior-mini.html


I am interested, when it’s on sale. It’s cold white of course and proprietary battery.

I wish it had the clip on the tail for a more deep carry and fast draw’n’click, but maybe it works well this way too!

Ehh… i own one olight and not excited to buy another. Sale is an OK price, but I like my kr4 plenty. I’m sure it’s a nice light but the battery situation turns me off

Now a copper sIIr2 would really peak my interest. Or a 21700 sIIr2 that could take 40t’s and id BE IN.

i made some pictures and short videos already (most are on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/m4dm4xdeals )


I like this light a lot and I’m gonna buy it, the only annoying thing is that it seems to require a proprietary battery to work.
The older Olight models can charge only their proprietary battery, but they work with regular 18650s as well.

I’m also fan of M2R and Pro and also Seeker2 Pro but only for one reason, all of them are upgraded to 90CRI standard.

I don’t think “pimped S2 Baton” has temperature control but time regulated like all Olights.

Since Martin has one he can confirm that.

Also, being 5050 format it won’t see any normal use beside M2R (my case) just because of lack of HI CRI 5050 emitters. Installing 3535 emitter (modding) will produce ugly. Eam cause of TIR designed for 5050 footprint.
Maybe with M1R (announced at US FB group) might get my attention but this one for sure will not.

I was using the information told in the video :wink:
But if possible, Martin, it would be nice if you could confirm that!


Can you point me to exact point in video (minutes). Was to lazy to watch the whole bla bla

I would say to start on 2m30 till 3m20, where he presents the specs.
I was listening again and guess I may have misunderstood his words, when he was presenting the “stepdowns”.
His words are “Now, that is thermally regulated, so depending on how hot the light actually gets, that’s how fast it will start to drop down”.

Checked. He dows say “depends how hot it gets it will stepdown” BUT packaging cleay shows 4min on 1500lm then stepdown AFTER 4 min to 500lm for 200min...

I think presenter is not familiar with these words and terms and the mean.
But Martin, again, can confirm this 100%


Yeah, that was what I noticed on my second “hearing/seeing” on the video. So now the doubt has increased in me.


Damn those runtimes are crazy good for an 18650. One of the most efficient 18650 lights I’ve ever seen. Olight really makes the most efficient drivers in the industry. But unfortunately Olight is too stubborn to provide neutral white and high cri options with “good tint” (non green). I’m probably going to skip this despite the amazing performance and aesthetics.

Does anyone know what emitter they use?

I still think Zebralight is nr.1 then Olight.

That info is absent from the manual :zipper_mouth_face: I really have no clue, but…maybe it is an SST-40 after seeing the image after the destruction test:
Minute 7:49

which video are you guys reffering to?
i did not show my measurements for the Warrior Mini ???

its an SST40 LED ;)

530 Lumen for 3:20 hours
170 for another hour
then faded down to 6 Lumen and LVP kicked in after 5:45 total time

OP by Olightworld.

Does it have temp or time stepdown?