Olight Warrior Mini

Post deleted !

It was mentioned by one of “Olights”. Looks like he got his fingers slamed and now his post is gone.

Can’t copy-paste link but look for Scott Jay Marshal II poll about M1R.

as far as i know and tested all Olights have a timed stepdown, but you can reactivate turbo as long as the cell voltage allows and the over temperature protection does not kick in

the guy in the OP video is not correct with "1500 for 4 minutes and then lower to 500"
i had max 45 °C and 1:40 mins to drop under 1500 (max was 1650)
level @531 reached after 4:30

Yeah, ZL still beat the crap out of Olight. Ugly as hell but way better electronics.

I think my new Warrior Mini will be SC600Fd :)

Martin, thank you so much for the information about this light!
I am still thinking of it due to the dual swiches and UI, as I’ve been looking for a light like this for a while (smaller than the M2R and similar features).
Will you have any deal for it or the current Olight deal is the best one currently? :wink:

ZL beat the crap out of Olight in terms of emitter selection but Olight is miles ahead of Zebralight in terms of driver efficiency. The Olight H2R with 4000K XHP50.2 70 CRI has an efficiency of 135lm/w where as the Zebralight H600fc MKIV w/ 4000K XHP50.2 90CRI only makes 89lm/w. The difference in efficiency between the two emitters is 20% max, so Olight is obviously much more efficient. Also the more recent Olight Perun with the XHP50.2 can do “*500 lumens for 4 HOURS!! Olight is king of driver efficiency.

The thing ZL drivers are really good at is the ultra low moonlight modes that can last an eternity, which is great if you ever get trapped in a cave.

EDIT: W Mini is something special, design and look is something we haven’t seen in flashlight world

those sales are not beatable

(using my links but help me quite a bit ;) )

Olight does not offer HI CRI emitter options. But the comparison above is to show the difference in electrical efficiency between Zebralight and Olight drivers. Both use 4000K XHP50.2. The Zebralight 90CRI is at max 20% less efficient than the 4000K XHP50.2 in the H2R. So if you do the math to account for the CRI difference, (135lm/w) / (1.20 * 89lm/w) = 26.4% more efficient. But the more recent Olight Perun, which is an upgrade of the H2R can do a whopping 500lumens for 4hrs, which is MUCH more efficient than the H2R and is MUCH MUCH more efficient than Zebralight.

But as I mentioned in multiple posts above, I do not disagree with you Olight sucks when it comes to CCT, CRI, and tint, which is what is preventing me from buying many of their otherwise attractive lights.

EDIT: go get it boys!

No the Olight H2R is 135lm/w / 89lm/w = 51.7% more efficient than the Zebralight. If we assume a 20% difference in efficiency between 90CRI and 70CRI, which is a conservative assumption without knowing the exact flux bin, the Olight H2R is 26.4% more efficient than the Zebralight. However, if we compare the Olight Perun, which is the updated H2R, it is another 20% to 30% more efficient than the H2R, which means Olight drivers are much more efficient than Zebralight drivers, except maybe at really low moonlight levels which Olight doesn’t even offer.

Also one thing to note is that my H2R 4000k is much rosier than my Zebralight’s 4000K 90CRI and usually rosy means low flux bin. High flux bins are usually higher DUV (greener tint). In fact the H2R is the only really good rosy NW Olight I own. The rest are all CW or greenish tinted NW.

I don’t recall Olight ever claiming high efficiency. It’s just that we flashlight nerds studying numbers from test results noticed it. What Olight does claim is high reliability.


Could you tell me what exactly they wrote? I would much rather buy the M1R if it comes out. But the M1R prototype has been shown in 2017 by Olight (together with the M2R) and was never released: Olight_M1R_Prototype (1) | Taschenlampen Forum

Are you sure they “announced” it? Or were they just talking about it and announced the Warrior Mini instead or something like that? If so, I will wait for that light. I have been using the Emisar D4 with 18350 for the last couple of months and I never once ran into runtime issues even for longer night strolls as an EDC.
An M1R would probably be a tad shorter, a tad lighter, with reversible and turnable clip and maybe even with a non-proprietary cell. I would strongly prefer it over the Warrior Mini, but the Mini is the next best thing.
I think it would just be kinda strange for Olight to produce two otherwise very similar flashlights one after another.

Olight does make some good drivers which is one of the reasons I like Olight despite their shortcomings.

I have a hunch that this driver is an iteration of the one used in the S2R II which ZeroAir measured high to be ~500 lumens for 230 minutes on the 3200mAh. Using a 3500mAh will bring it to around ~250 minutes which is ahead of the warrior mini @530 lumens for 200 minutes.

Need some runtimes for the 15 lumen mode though. The WM is rated to last 50% longer than the S2R II @150h vs 100h

230/150min of eggyolk and green you guys keep forgeting...

That’s the main reason i’m (many of us) into flashlights, not runtimes.

ZL won’t change models on monthly basis like hooker is changing positions :)

Yeah, still nothing new at Olight, only Baton painted in Camo LOOOL


Yes sir, one of Olight staff anounced M1R is showing up in few months after one guy was constantly harrasing them (Olight admins) about it.
That fellow even created a poll to vote for M1R interrest where all Olight admins voted YES...

Like i said, maybe premature announcement so they had to remove that post.

That’s fair enough aha. I can’t speak for anyone else but I only buy Olights to mod as I really like their efficiency and while I don’t like their UI, they are easier to mod than Zebralight, and priced ok during sales with above average build quality.

Something about high efficiency really does it for me + I can get control the tint or CRI I want via modding.

Would you mind sharing details of sst40 swap? What optic you’re using or is it just stock?

Only done the S Mini before but I believe it should be the same size as the S1R and the S2R. I just use the 17mm here:


1mm thick 3535 mcpcb

still considering choices for the S2R, I am suspecting the high VF of a shaved LH351d might be detrimental to what I think is the buck driver in the S2R.

Yeah any other emitter will mess with driver other then the one it’s designed for.

Or maybe not.
And how do you like beam from 3535 emitter through 5050 TIR?

they should have released the m1r instead of this, its just like a s2r but with 2 buttons…