On Nova - Search for the super battery

Has anyone else seen this show? If you do notice it on PBS it’s a very interesting show to watch. It deals with things near and dear to us and discusses cell failures. It also shows a safe Li cell that can be stomped, cut, penetrated, yada, yada, and there is no shorting and thermal runaway. It also uses pure Li metal so the energy density is 2 x that of the liquid electrolyte cells we currently use. Oh, and no dendrite formation.

Now the only question I have is when will those new safe cells be available?

Nova is a great show!

Found the Vid on my local PBS website.


Just finished watching the video.
Simply put, this should be a requirement for all members to watch. Awesome stuff.
Excellent information source of the current offerings to us and insight to what the future may bring us.

Certainly makes me rethink some common scenarios seen and done everyday that may cause Lithium battery failures.

You will probably never see it, just like all the other “new battery technology discovered!” articles you see every few months.

Well, I stopped watching at 2:15 when it became a political message…… :FACEPALM:

Saw in on PBS. Felt the same as Elderman about the new battery technology. Won’t happen.

argh I get an error “We’re sorry, but this video is not available in your region due to right restrictions.”
love the PBS Elegant Universe series, makes kids think.

I pushed through and watched the whole thing. The “political message” goes all the way through to the very end. But, if you’re able to ignore that, it is a mildly entertaining and informative show. I give it a 4/10 with the “political message” intact and maybe a 6/10 or 7/10 if that junk were removed.

:FACEPALM: :FACEPALM: :FACEPALM: It sure did, right at 2:15. ~ :FACEPALM:
Thanks for the head’s up on that Zebretta………

I actually watched the whole thing……I just ignored the inappropriate parts O:)

It does have some good info if you can bear the politics.

At 34:00 - “I’m not seeing any fireball”…as he nearly puts his eyes right on the punctured lithium battery…… yikes!!!

I totally agree, it has some excellent info. I watched it also, I just don’t care for the “political comercial” part. But I had no problem overlookung that part.
I wonder if Al Gore financed this show? :wink:

For victims of legal blah-blah: it can also be found on YouTube, like: Search for the Super Battery
And because of that, it’s downloadable with applications like “GemistDownloader”.

If you go through a proxy you can route your IP address through a proxy server that will make your IP address look american or whatever country you want to be. There are some free ones with a quick google search. I’ve had to do it a few times to watch videos from the other side of the world on BBC

yay, this is viewable (using en.savefrom.net for downloading youtibe myself)

Did you notice the PHD who invented the battery was standing back and wearing safety glasses while this guy was putting his face right next to the puncture?

I had never seen a battery “vent” before, so I watched the whole thing. There are some interesting fireball displays when they damage the li-ion batteries.

Right? lol
A Darwin recipient soon to be.

Sorry. I just automatically tune out the political crap. I should have warned about it. That’s PBS, a mouthpiece for certain political views.

No problem at all BrianK, just did not want them having the last word and the “mouthpiece for certain political views” going unchallenged, shall we say…. :wink:
It contained very interesting battery info, thank you for posting it. :THUMBS-UP: