On the hunt for a pocket rocket

Thanks everyone for the opinions. Miles from Xtar has just posted at cpf that they are working on an XM-L project for their wk series lights. The fact that I know for sure that more compact XM-L lights on the way and with xtar working to put their customizable 5-mode driver in as well makes me a little more willing to wait. On the other hand, I may just buy the Xeno E03 in the meantime so I have a compact XM-L light to play with. I'd buy the bluish/purple and after I'm done playing with it, i could give it to my wife with a nimh in it since she loves purple and has so far resisted allowing me to give her a light.

I know prattle was rough ..I'm just so stinking tired of pushing this light ..I was excited as can be that you bought it and the thought of me never having to try to sell it for Ric ever again was like a fantasy of mine ..I like it alot and knew if you liked the AAAversion you'd get a bigger kick out of the AA light ..I've been dreaming of the day you'd review it...i find your wait to be as painful as you .. so I share your pain and in all disgust I'm dogging your review before it happens ..My advice is just write the thing before the light arrives .that would be just as fair as making you wait half a decade ..I've over sold the light and didn't offer pictures . tear the light apart before you get it ..give it a scathing review ..it all seems fair to me .

Was just ribbing you Boaz ... But yeah .. The wait is not so bad , as Im busy ATM , so I dont have time to think about it .

I actually bought the light for my Birthday , but the way things were going , I figure it might get here in time for the next one ...

But then Saturday was supposed to be the end of the world , and the thought crossed my mind ," the world is going to end before I get it ! "

Lets not forget there is a meteor headed our way , in time for the predicted end of the Mayan Calander .

The Xeno E03 is very nice. Very high quality for it's semi-budget price, but the original poster is correct: 89 lumens on its "low" mode isn't low.

My recommendation would be to get the Thrunite 1C. The biggest problem users of the Thrunite 1A seem to have is that the head wobbles on the body tube. This isn't a problem with the 1C.

The 1C is just as bright as the 1A, and has the added advantage for a pocket rocket in that it's even smaller. It also has the very low, low you're looking for.

Well I went ahead and decided to buy the E03 for now to satisfy the high output urge. As I said, the plan will be to give it to the wife on nimh after I'm done with it. I really want to give Xtar and others a chance to see what they can come up with in an edc XM-L before going back to Thrunite. If Xtar can figure it out and get their low mode set right on that DIY driver and still pull off a semi-budget price, I'm definitely there. Hopefully I'm not waiting too long. The Trustfire T2 and an XM-L thrower will be next on the list, so we'll see how patient I am before I bust out for one of those before another XM-L edc appears.