One bad One, Navy 507

Hi Y'all

I have gotten knives from all of the best Chinese makers at the point....about 30 knives.

By best, I mean SanRenMu/Land, Navy, Enlan/Bee and Ganzo.

If I missed any, please tell me.

Of all of the knives, the only one that I worry about is the Navy 507. In profile it looks similar to the large Sebenza. It has a left scale and liner and a right scale that is steel with no liner.

The problem is that the liner is too weak and feels flimsy.

It clicks in and works, however it makes me worried because it feels weak.

I am used to knives that click in and feel like a bank vault....not a bit of spagetti.

If you're worried about the lock disengaging, that shouldn't be a problem - when you use a frame lock your hand will hold the lock in place.

On the other hand, if you're worried about the lock buckling, well... only time and use will tell if that happens. Normally when frame locks buckle it's not a safety concern because they'll buckle inwards and wedge the blade partially open. You won't lose any fingers, but the knife is pretty much useless afterwards.