One more Thorfire VG-10 Review - (PIC HEAVY)

4.5 stars out of 5


- Superior build, great anodizing, quality o-rings, thick aluminum walls, brass retaining rings

- Convenient form factor

- Feels great in the hand (excellent balance/weight, no sharp edges)

- High quality forward clicky switch

- Great heat management, heat sinking, & integrated pill

- Well spaced modes

- Super low moonlight (lowest I’ve seen)

- Bright output

- Last mode memory

- Smooth beautiful beam, very versatile

- Great tint

- Quality lanyard

- Extra components & quality packaging

- Clean lubed threads

  • Excellent value! (comes with battery & charger)


- Pocket clip not very useful

- Not Mod friendly (hard to remove driver)

- No copper star

  • No AR glass

I was given a Thorfire VG-10 to review by the manufacturer. It arrived at my door in a very sturdy box. Inside it was packed very securely in foam. This really shows that Thorfire cares about this light. I hate it when you receive a light in a cheap paper-thin box; they always get crushed. Inside the box was the light, lanyard, spare parts (switch, lens, o-rings) and surprisingly a cute Thorfire USB charger and protected battery, nice!

When I first picked up the light, my first impression was, wow this is a nice light! The weight and balance feels great in the hand. It feels better than any of my other lights and is like a cross between and Convoy M2 and M1 but without the sharp edges.

It’s a solid light and the build looks and feels very upscale. Anodizing on this light was perfect as far as I could see. I’m not a fan of the pocket clip though. I don’t trust these types of clips and they tend to scratch the light. I also think the location of the clip doesn’t make it very useful.

Unscrewing the tailcap was super quiet and smooth. The threads are anodized so lockout is possible. Inside the tailcap is a high quality forward clicky secured by a sturdy brass retaining ring. On the tube for the tailcap is an aluminum ring for the lanyard. It’s quite nice and it is solid connection of the lanyard. They lanyard feels like nice as well. However I’m not fond of lanyards and usually don’t use them.

Unscrewing the head from the tube was equally quiet and smooth as the tailcap. The threads are anodized. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, but it appears that the threads here are triangular while the threads on the tailcap are square. Whatever the case, the threads on this light are super clean. Looking down the tube, you can see just how thick and beefy the aluminum is…definitely not low grade. The driver on the head is very securely held in place by what looks like a press fit retaining ring. I was not able to remove it.

On the business end of the light, there is a classy stainless steel bezel. Below the bezel is a regular glass lens (non-AR), a thick o-ring and smooth aluminum reflector. From what I can see (unlike the X6-SE) it looks like the light will be fairly waterproof here because the o-ring is pressed up against a shoulder not the reflector.

I found unscrewing the reflector without leaving scratches on the reflector was difficult. I used a microfiber cloth and still managed to leave tiny scratches. The 20mm aluminum star has thermal component underneath and sits on the integrated pill.

They are 4 modes (no blinkies Yay!) and to cycle through them, you half press the switch until you get the desired mode, then you press down fully to turn on the light. The modes are very well spaced out and the moonlight mode is just awesome. It’s the lowest I’ve seen and I’m sure moonlight lovers will adore it. In moonlight mode you can stare directly into the light with just a slight amount of discomfort.

The beam on the light is smooth and beautiful. It has a big defined hotsot and has a good amount of throw while still having a wide useful spill. It is quite similar to the Eagle Eye X6 but with a slightly larger hot spot and a little smaller spill. This surprised me as I was expecting the beam to be more like a Convoy M2. IMO, the beam is nicer than the M2 or M1 but not quite as nice as the X6. It’s a versatile beam pattern. (Sorry no beam shots, but I will add them later)

I don’t have a way of measuring output, but perceived brightness seems about the same as a stock X6-SE and I don’t doubt the 847 lumen rating. The tint on the XM-L2 seems to me like a 1D. It’s quite nice and it’s pretty much pure white without a hint a blue. Heat management seems to be very good even without a copper star. It warms up quickly but never seems to get scalding hot and the heat is dissipated pretty quickly as well.

I’m not able to test the battery and charger for performance, but with the battery fully charged, I got a tailcap reading of 1.9A on high. However I think it’s probably higher; my multimeter isn’t great.

My only complaint is that it’s not the easiest light to mod. The driver is especially difficult to remove. It’s a good thing that is a great light out of the box! Sure a copper star would have been nice, but heat management doesn’t seem to be an issue at all with this light. Not having an AR lens isn’t a big deal for me either and at this price point would just be a bonus.

Quick comparison to the M1, M2, and X6-SE
I am a huge Convoy fan and in this class, really love the M1 & M2 which I believe are the gold standard at this price point. Overall I prefer the Thorfire VG-10. The VG-10 is more compact than the M1 and with its smoother edges is noticeably more pocket friendly. While the M2 is about the same size as the Thorfire, the VG-10 easily out throws the M2 while still having a nice floody spill (I believe it may also out throw the M1). I also prefer the defined hotspot of the VG-10 over the fuzzy hotspot of the M1 & M2.

I do however slightly prefer the Eagle-Eye X6-SE. While the VG-10 feels better in the hand and is better balanced (I find the X6 a little head-heavy), I prefer the beam pattern a little more with the X6. It throws a bit further while having a wider spill. I also like that the X6 is more mod friendly. Removing the driver, switch, and LED are a piece if cake.

To summarize, the VG-10 is a classy high quality light; build quality from head to tail is impressive. Its form factor, beam pattern, and 4 well-spaced modes make it and extremely versatile light. It does so many things right and is well designed. At $29.99 for a light of this design and quality (which also comes with a charger and protected battery), it is a bargain. I don’t know much about the Thorfire brand and the VG-10 is the first Thorfire light I’ve had, but I am impressed and look forward to trying more of their lights.

A few extra pictures:

Nicely done! Great review and photography!

I wish this light was available without the battery charger combo. I would totally buy one for under 20 delivered