One of my Favourite Mod Hosts = The A20

As you can see I have a few A20's , and quite simply , I think its the best 16340 host for doing mods ...

If you look at the beams , the bottom row is my latest A20 XM-L with a 1.4A 3 mode driver , and the top row of beams is a L2T with the same driver emitter combo ...

The only difference is that the A20 is mostly spill , it lacks the hotspot as it melds with the spill at any distance ..

Frankly I find this simply beautiful , it makes it so easy to see everything , and the output levels are really nice ..

Ive put of building a 1.4A version for some time , but with school done its time to catch up on some projects ...

On :

High - 1.41A - 450L

Medium - 0.44A - 145L

Low - 0.07 - 24L

This was with a rather old now AW16340

If you want to build one , you will need a XM-L on a 14mm Base [ or smaller ] . Mine come from cutter ...

The driver : This is the new one , and this is the one I used for my mod [ I like this one ] You can check out the drivers @ KD following this link ..

Still amazes me , the A20 is so unrecognised as a mod host ...

The first few I did were in SSC P7 , but the SSC P7 was such a sensitive emitter to vF , and if you got one with higher vF it simply performed poorly with a 4.2v set up , a very disappointing emitter I must say , thank goodness for the XM-L , it really is a moders delight .

I love that light, have to get one to mod. Have you had any problem with the switch holding 3 amps?

I think youd be lucky to get to 3A on a 16340 , I know some have done it ...

But the ones driven harder seem to be holding up well .. [ 2. something Amps ]

I would reflash a Nanjg 105c with a 5 mode program .02, .09, .65, 1.5, 3.15 and the 3 amp would be a turbo mode for short bursts. I have a couple lights I modded that the switch got funky on after a couple 3 amp bursts.

I have some AW IMRs that will do 3 amps no problem and Trustfire Flame 16340s do 2.7.

That's a sharp-looking little host.

Thanks for the heads-up !