One of the best deals in a larger budget knife going, Sanrenmu 913p

I recently snagged a couple of these from Exduct.

I liked them so much, I picked another couple from EBay. These are well built no nonsense work horses. The blade profile is excellent for everything short of skinning animals. The half serrated edge rips through cordage and fibrous materials like no plain edge can. The modified sheeps foot blade allows tremendous pressure to be applied to the tip to puncture any material that can be cut with a knife. Try bearing down on the tip with an upswept blade like the ridiculously upswept Ganzo 712.

The Ganzo 712 may have its uses but a work EDC is not one of them. It’s a slasher and really only suited to self defense or skinning. Upswept tips like that are nearly uses for most common EDC tasks.

The SRM 913p may not be sexy but its solid and well designed. If you are looking for a knife to actually use, you can’t do any better for $15. If you look around, you can sometimes find them for less. This originally was supposed to be a $40 knife but perhaps sales were lacking so you can pick them up very cheap right now. Greatwall outdoor has them for $39.95 or something right now.

Speed…could you explain “sheeps foot blade” for us knife-knoobs please? :bigsmile:

Also…exduct only has one pic. Do you have pics of your personal 913p that you could share with us?


Thanks for the post. I will be buying this one.

Here are two pictures of my 913, which show some other details:

Here is a link to a review with some high def pics. My iPad will just take grainy pics.

From what I understand, shouldn’t we not be stabbing things with linerlocks anyways?


Here’s a link to wikipedia showing the various blade patterns

Looks like a nice bit of kit! I’m going to resist this time…already have a drawer full of pokey things.

But i just ordered it and iam really looking forward to it more. Than my Enlan L01 .iam curious to see how the blade holds up as i intend to use it as my EDC and replace my Kershaw skyline 1760.

Thanks for the head’s up. I need a serrated blade so I just added some my cart on FT. This one looks great, (I’d trade for my G712 in a heartbeat as it is my least favourite knife). Would you be able to post the weight of this one? I cannot seem to find it so far, but I’m very tempted to order one.

Eidt: Just found an eBay site that lists the weight at 132g.

If you look in the Special Limited Products page on the Exduct site they are on sale for $13.50.

“Special products prepares for our old customers or new registers who can buy products at lower discount price.special products are same quality as normal ordering products,but they are sale on limited Qty.”

Old customers or new customers seems to cover everyone right? :bigsmile:
I have the B4735, the 913’s baby brother but I’m seriously tempted by the 913.

Forward to this knife,I ordered through Aliexpress (which went back to Exduct) for 13.88 USD and the OP is right the Ganzo G712 is useless for edc its curved tip voes everywhere but where you want it to.I am looking forward to the 913p ig will actually be my first" tacticool" blade !

LOL…the Ganzo 712 is not for everyone. The 712 is a work of Art for the eye… Stay interested my friend, Art is Long and Life is short.

Well, it pains me to say this after saying the 712 was my least favourite knife, I have come to a new level of respect for the blade, which makes it easier to tolerate the handle that I do not like. I was mounting new bindings on some AT Skis and I had plugged the previous holes with P-Tex plugs and epoxy. I needed to shave the protrusions flush so I went looking for a suitable blade. Remembering I had sharpened the 712 on the equipment in the necropsy lab at work and not used it since, I grabbed it. It made the work of shaving the surface of the skis flush again a very pleasant task. Also a few months ago I found the tip on the Tanto blade on my other Ganzo came in handy for reaming a larger hole in a plastic tote. So I’ve learned my lesson about appreciating each blade has it’s purpose, and I will not be so harsh on the 712 any more, although I still wish the axis lock studs were easier to get a grip on.

My 913 now a week and I love it!I love the feel of the handle the blade is great for EDC I really use my knifes from everything from opening packages cutting twine where the semi serrated blade excels and I don’t have to worry about the tip of blade going some where it shouldn’t,and thinking back I bought the Ganzo 712 for skinning deer when I get lucky enough to get a deer so I guess iam saying each style knife has its own uses. I love the feel of the knife altogether it has a tight lock up with no play anywhere at all to be found and the deep carry handle can be reversed for lect or right tip down carry.