One of the cooler flashlights i've seen in a while.

built in fan! uses a xhp70 along with xml2’s. its a shame they didnt opt for xpl HI instead.
and can use on high mode for continuous 1.7 hours!

i would like to see this light modded! hahah

Is there a guest link?

It’s this:

Looks like a whole load of LEDs being under driven.

sorry, heres another link for you guys without an account.

No moonlight mode? It’s useless… :smiley:

Obviously they got the "10500 lumens" number by just adding up the rated lumens of each LED instead of actually measuring it.

It probably only puts out less than half of that irl...

But it does have a cool design.

And it’s only $500. :wink:

The mode switch is pretty slick. Nice to see the innovation.


BUT….It’s the DESTROYER! Way better, then any puny “Beast” or “Monster” don’t you know! Jeeez! :smiley:

Having "destroy" in the name also adds +2000lm! :D

I can not even access the website blah. Then i scrolled down and had a heart attack lol! Wow $500 dollars you could get 40000 lumens for the same price just buy 4 of the MT03. Is that brand well known?