One of those days!

Yesterday was one of those days i was stuffing around with a C8 and i couldn’t get it right just how wanted it! I ended up stuffing up the LED and my solder I do not know how the LED got damaged but it did i am already over it! But to top it went to wipe the tip of my soldering iron and this happen so i lost it and threw it out lol!
I really hate how the solder points are so close on a Noctigon i much prefer the T-pads so much better to get stuff right so much more room!





I needed a new one but i was going to wait a month and buy a Hakko but oh well!

Well, there’s your problem right there… That not a C8, that a carburetor, and the parts aren’t interchangeable.

Yep it well known that carbs and soldering irons don’t play nice with each other.

Hahaha that is a side project I bought a refurb kit for The carby I would have preferred to buy a new carby but couldn’t find the model I needed. I miss that line trimmer and i love 2 strokes!

The fuel injected C8’s throw further :laughing:

Seriously, there are some days where it doesn’t pay to even get out or bed. Hope things get better for you soon :smiley:

The only plus about days like that is it gives you a reference point to make the good days feel even better

Can’t wait to see the final fuel injected C8. Take lotsa pictures :open_mouth:

I fixed my carb that looked like that real proper, after spending money on a rebuild kit, Soaking it and even using an ultrasound machine on it.
The final Fix? 10 lb Sledge Hammer.
Fixed it real good because it never bothered me again.

The next day I went and bought a Tanaka line trimmer and have never had to so much as turn a screw on it. That was 2 years ago.
The motorized Bicycle guys claim the Tanaka engines are the best 2 stroke ever built. I don’t know that personally yet, but time will tell. So far so good.

Now, having said all that, my good friend Joe got a new lithium powered line trimmer last year and he loves it, no gas, no fouling plug, no $%#@&*!!! Carb to deal with.
Just turn the switch and trim. Plus the thing never gets greasy/slimy/oily. And your clothes don’t smell like 2 stroke oil.
He says the charge lasts 5 cuts. Also says the vibration is very low so your hands don’t feel tingly like you’ve been riding a dirt bike for 2 hours:)

Sooooo, whenever the Tanaka does die, it will be a Lithium line trimmer for me. I figure I can hack the battery pack when it dies and refurb it with my plentiful arsenal of laptop pulls and probably upgrade the capacity at the same time.

I will not own an electric mower as I need a rider mower for the sheer expanse and lay of the land and there is no way currently that an electric is made that can do it.

I can not believe i missed this post! The line trimmer is awesome its Ryobi made in japan now all new Ryobi are made in china so i wanted to keep it. It has proper metal housing every where full metal Carby no plastic parts. I got it working so good it started first time always even when its cold. This sounds like a love story right? I rebuilt half of it before some goof got water inside it when i was on holidays. so i thought id redo the carby.
I have been eyeing out a Makita made in japan also still! I would love a ride on mower my yard is big but not that big its about 700 square meters so 7534 Square feet.