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Afaik you don't need a still to mod maglites. OL may know. ;)

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If you're thinking of Jayrob then I think he is. I would just PM him over on CPF.

Or here, he does show up once in a while and it saves going to the dark place…

Scaru’s guide to testing/eliminating tailcap issues on most encountered light forms.

Note:- by putting your red meter lead into the 10a slot on your digital multimeter and setting to 10a dc, you can read tail cap current the same way.

17mm driver into keygos m10, possibly one of the easiest lights to upgrade. 8)


First, let me state clearly that I LOVE this idea!!! I’ve spent the last few years lurking and learning here, and still to this very moment turn up new (to me, but years old) posts and threads, full of a treasure of knowledge. And I’m the original WWWeb Ferret!! No kidding, I was literally finding information on the Internet (and elsewhere) before it was the WorldWideWeb, so I should be pretty good at it, yet still people link to posts my searches never turned up.

There’s still the problem of identification… When you look for a topic, how do you know what words appear in the title or body? Do I send you looking for “PantsAFire Z42” or just “Z42” or the name “NotzAFire” calls their copy of the beloved and widely known PantsAFire Z42?

And what if a thread about the “Bargains-R-Us” web site evolves into a detailed discussion of some “PantsAFire clone” that only they sell, but which has highly detailed pictures and descriptions of the beloved and widely known PAF Z42?

When you “send someone here”, what do you tell them to search for in this list? Unfortunately, computers still require specific strings of characters for which to search. It seems that this list would be harder to search, since it only would contain the thread titles… Sorry, I’m just saying… That can work a WHOLE lot better, but it takes more labor.

Maybe it would be better, at a more fundamental level, to have your privileges elevated to Moderator and set to work on the Search function and its database…

If we posters (at least those with answers to questions) can generally agree to, say, use “full retail” names — SOMEhow — that would help your efforts as much as any Search.

Yes, I know. That’s why I used the quotes. What’s in a name? And how do you spell it?

So if there were …someone… motivated enough to do it, going through the database and entering a useful description (could be called a “profile”…) of each referenced post… You’ll notice that happening spontaneously on this thread…

Yeah, I know… I wouldn’t do it either. Couldn’t, actually, as I’d start reading every post & never be heard from again. :bigsmile:

If you’d take a minute to Google Clifford W. Ashley , you could see what it took to do this in the 1950s… His artistic skills were only matched by his knack for Taxonomy.

Please don’t take all this rambling as negativity! Just “gird up your loins” for a big, very permanent job.

Thanks for reading!


Hey dim, I’m actually hoping to get a minute to fire up the computer and sort all this out into groups….

It’s a birch trying to do it on a smart phone let me tell you, especially when you get half way through, hit back and lose the whole damm thing. |(

My idea is to have common related topics :-

General tech guides


Each link would have a short header, hopefully telling people what to expect, if the topic gets convoluted, I’ll pm the auther for a summary of what the consider the important key points of the thread.

It’s more supposed to be a helpful crutch to get potential modders started, not a be all end all thing, as I say above, if they have a lathe, vertical miller, oscilloscope, clamp meter, dmm, soldering station etc, they probably don’t need this. This is more to show what’s achievable with basic hand tools and a little time, not to scare people to death.

Ie the forum favorites list will just be very very popular lights past and present - solarforces, etc there will be a p60 section, despite my hatred of p60’s because is good for starters.

I think the idea is that rather than searching through the entire library of threads you can read down the index to locate topics. It’s old fashioned but works extremely well when limited to a page or two of thread topics. Searches perform better sorting though the overwhelmingly vast amounts of info on the web but there are times when I’d kill for an index like this one. Thanks G.

The Neutralizer:

Little Nellie:

Little Nellie & companion:

Haven’t modded for awhile… XM-L plateau.


Scaru’s excellent xm-l tint and binning guide. Some of this information is transferable to other emitters, it will certainly help to find your feet.

Scaru’s emitter comparison thread. Ideal to pick an emitter to suit a new host.

How about we ask Mr.Admin if we can vote on threads ?

If he's worried about thumbs down votes why not just make a thumbs up threads in a group could be searched for by popularity .?

If all these threads are so popular they would be naturally floating to the top ..

I’m not quite sure I follow, the idea is to build a data base to point noobs to, hopefully, it will contain much of the necessary basic info for them to get started.

Thinking about it, I need to add some threads on li-po safety etc.

I also need to sort this thread out, just been pretty busy in real life.

Eventually it’ll have groups, so if someone wants to mod a Maglite, there will be a selection of links for inspiration, scaru’s emitter data is invaluable for making informed decisions on which emitter to pick for a specific application.

There are also simple emitter/driver swaps in some lights, if someone wants to “have a go” some lights are a better pick than others (forgive my bias, but the m10 springs to mind as a good first mod light).

Gords, I do plan to make another thread about battery safety at some point. I'll PM you a link when I make it. (Have to finish and proof the 2 I've done so far)

Edit: The reason I'm making these threads is I want to simplify some of the things that always confused me when I first joined up. That along with having some free time. :)

Yeah, keep us informed scaru, I’m on here a lot though so its unlikely I’ll miss it, :bigsmile: can you include some charger recommendations and links? It’d be good to keep it all in one thread.

I’m glad we’re getting this built up now, it can be quite intimidating asking the question in the first place, I’m hoping this thread will help people out.

We could also do with doing a thread on series/parallel wiring of emitters, to explain what can work and what won’t work, I personally think that building/modding lights is far more rewarding than just buying lights.

I was waiting on some drivers and bits coming in after doing my m10 builds, I was actually bummed to have nothing to play with, now I’m waiting on some hosts, more emitters and other bits, in the mean time, I have a supply of drivers and bits to update some of my other lights, hoping to get on them this week, more dining table builds, but I’ll try to share, its nothing fancy, but again may provoke people to have a go, get rid of the blinkies in a cheap eBay c8, maybe swap the cw emitter for a nicer nw option. 8)

Scaru’s rechargeable lithium cell guide.

Note :- rechargeable lithium cells charge to 4.2v and discharge to 3v.
Primary lithium cells come in the packet at 1.7ish volt and discharge to 1v ish DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECHARGE PRIMARY LITHIUM CELLS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES


Just wanted to drop in a ‘Don’t do what I did’ and not sure where else to put it.
I wanted a nice floody EDC that could crank 2000+ lumens if I wanted so I decided to throw an XHP-70 in a Convoy M1. I just got a linear regulated driver recently and while it didn’t cost an arm and a leg it was ideal and clean with 12 total regulators. I had seen other modders just throw the reflector over these XHP-70’s without any kind of fitting or cradle which is what I did. Everything was fine until I decided to go OCD and unscrew the head to realign the sink just a hare because it was ever so slightly off-center. I guess I screwed the head down too tight and the reflector ended up crushing off the little plastic (or whatever) around the 4 corners of the emitter fixture revealing the bare metal. I didn’t realize early enough this was happening and turned the light on shorting the driver out enough to kill it. I haven’t tried to figure out what died yet and right now I’m just direct driving it with some red efest IMR18350’s which at least lets me blast more lumens than from the regulators but I miss my modes.

Anyway I ended up just cutting out a small donut shaped ‘cover’ using some thick paper so the reflector doesn’t sit directly on that exposed metal and it works. I’m sure they sell these things somewhere because they make them for the single emitters but I haven’t seen any.