ONGOING EBAY SCAM "chenmingau"

Thousand of people got scammed and thousands more will in the next few days as eBay is very slow at response, even to such obvious cases.
As there is nowhere to report, I decided to post here, we might speed things up.\_nkw=&\_armrs=1&\_ipg=&\_from=

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Nothing visible. Have their items been removed?

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Zero items listed. 8 negative and 4 neutral in the past year out of 441 transactions. Compare this to sellers I see with hundreds of negatives a month that ebay seems to be unwilling to take action against. Not familiar with the seller, just pointing out that based on feedback there are much worse sellers.

Thousands of people got scammed? Thousands more soon? The ratings are less than 500. How thousands?

All sales are private

chenming au

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As said, I've seen far worse feedback. If in doubt, do not buy.

I don’t buy anything off any ebay seller if the feedback is private. You can’t see the item they purchased to compare the item description to the feedback given

What’s the problem anyway? I can’t see what he/she is selling…

1% Neutral 2% Negative. Sounds ok to me.

I don’t see anything for sale now and all the items in feedback are private. This may be because the account is effectively suspended. Aside from that, the only other time I’ve seen review items private legitimately were for “adult toys”. I suppose it may be a scam if those reviews were all for 1 cent items to drive up the numbers. No idea what this person was selling now, though.

How exactly do you lose your money on eBay?

Before I wised up(realised all the stupid cheap D4's were scams) I ordered 2 or 3 suspiciously cheap Nitecore D4 chargers off of eBay, none arrived, by the time I opened a case the sellers accounts were already blocked/removed, I got a full refund in all instances with zero hassle. If you know how to use eBay there is very little or zero chance of being ripped off.

But I'm assuming these sellers go in knowing that a portion of buyers won't know how to open a dispute properly or won't do it in time/may forget etc and those sales won't be refunded under buyers protection and the seller will get to keep those funds.

I ordered an action camera (actually won an auction) from chemmingau on 28th of April. I was a bit suspicious it’s a scam, but gave it a chance. He sent me a (probably fake) tracking number that doesn’t show any information. I’m going to wait till the end of May, and after that I’m going to open a case to get my money back. When I ordered the camera his ratings weren’t private and he had about a hundred different items to sell. For the record, his eBay member ID is tohl10oa now.