OOPs left a 14500 on charger for 22 hrs

I bought the above charger at MF for $4.45. I have about 5 chargers with 2 on the way. I bought this to charge 9v NIMH batteries and as a spare 18650 charger. Last night I stuck a 14500 in it and forgot about it. I just noticed it. Tested the battery 4.17 v. Not even warm. Was I lucky? Who knows. It seems to charge 9v batteries very quickly. Charges at 9.8 volt.

Dont worry, I have a charger similar to that, and it seems to stop at 4,20v. However I dont know if it "trickle charges" a bit... maybe not...

I have forgot about a 18650 on a charger like that from dxbefore. No issue, but i dont plan on doing it again. lol

Its my cheapest charger too. I have 2 tr002's,a 139, 2 xtars and I chose to use that thing.

I bought a bunch of those from Manafont to sell with lights. i always test them before I sell them I have bought 8 so far they all terminate at 4.20 volts so don't worry about it. Those are great little chargers for the price.

I did that many times but on both xtar chargers i own. Felt bad about it but nothing happened. I tested the batteries after and all was ok. My wp2 terminates a bit low in the 4.18V area. The Mp1 does the full 4.20V. I advise caution even with decent chargers however. At least with xtar i don't need a fireproof bucket as i trust them more than any other brand. Still electronics are tricky b@stards so be carefull folks!

What worries me is that it was on when I was asleep and at work. I would not as concerned if I was awake and at home.

thats very good advice

I always thought if you were really paranoid ... the fireplace might make a good place to charge batteries

That is very good to know. I bought one each of that exact charger for my son and step-son to go with lights I got them. I can relax a little knowing if they forget the battery is on the charger longer than while they sleep that they should be safe.

I always charge them with the charger on an aluminium plate, but in case of explossion it will not do much.

I disconnect it when I am not at home, but I did sleep with it charging in my bedroom, I will have to think of doing it safer like using a lipo bag or similar.

The thing is, I normally charge them during the night due to 18650 take about 6h on my TR001, and I am not often awake and at home during six hours, or I am working, or on the weekends I try not to be at home as much as possible.

Yeah, been there done that.

I've yet to read about a battery that went *poof* while being charged, but I suppose it can happen.

That is exactly what I was thinking. Every time I read about a battery explosion, it's a multi cell light.

I forgot a 10440 on that same charger overnight. Measured this morning around 4.2V. I think you should be ok.

Sounds to me like your chargers are...working correctly?

Ooooh I had that charger , lasted all of 2 charges then cooked itself